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Easy and Delicious Roasted Orange and Lemon Chicken Recipe

I’ve been cooking dinner at home a lot lately in an effort to get healthy and save money. I’d say those are pretty good reasons for […]
Easter, Pieta,mother and child, Mary, Crucifixion, Good Friday

Easter ~ is Religion for the Weak?

I read a post the other day called Easter Week for Stoics. I read it with a completely open heart and mind. In fact, I like […]

Easter: Do This in Memory of Me

Easter is one of the few times you will read a religious post on here. My religion is the one thing I feel is very personal […]

Love is….

My 5 year old just saw this posting and said, “You are not posting those pictures of me!”Me: “Yes, I am. Why?”5 yo,”Because I look like […]