Nutrisystem Week 10 update~ When Logic Meets Reality

It’s week 10 and I am down another pound.This pound brings my grand total this far to 15 pounds. I have started a new regime of doing Zumba every morning before I get the girls up for school. It is exhausting and takes a lot of effort on my part but I have to admit, [...]

Nutrisystem Update: Week 9 ~Back to my Pre Pregnancy Weight

This morning marked the completion of my 9th week on Nutrisystem. I stepped on the scale and found that I had lost another pound. This brings my total weight loss to 14 pounds. More importantly, it puts me back to my pre- pregnancy weight. You know, the weight I was 6 years ago before I [...]

Nutrisystem Update, week 8~Hooray You: New You Revolution

HOORAY YOU! THE NUTRISYSTEM “NEW YOU REVOLUTION” BRINGS FRESH FROZEN FOOD TO ALL Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI), the number one home delivery weight loss company, announced today that it is revamping its programs by incorporating its highest scoring, best tasting fresh frozen gourmet foods into all of its weight loss plans at the lowest price [...]

Nutrisystem Update; Week 7/Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Today, after a weekend of travel and a rather unpleasant reminder that I’m overweight, I stepped onto the scale with great trepidation that was soon replaced by great respite. According to my scale, I have lost another 1.5 pounds which brings my overall total this week to 11 pounds in 7 weeks. 11 pounds lighter [...]

Nutrisystem week 6 update;Busy is as Busy does

It’s been six weeks and this week I lost another 2 pounds. This brings my grand total to 9.5 pounds.I am so close to 10 pounds […]

Waah,Waah,Waah;Nutrisystem update week 5

Well, this morning when I stepped onto the scale, I am fairly certain that I heard a :WaahWaah Waah! Seriously, it mocked me. This morning the […]

Nutrisystem Week 4 Update; Slow & Steady wins the race ( The VLOG)

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qm5iqiaBR4?hl=en] DISCLOSURE: Nutrisystem is providing their  program to me free of charge in exchange for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program and weekly updates. I am not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 Sorry, the quality isn’t better but I just wanted to give you all an update! You rock! Thank you for the support!I couldn’t do this without all of your encouragement!Down 7.5 pounds in 28 days, YEY ME!!!! Happy Mothering! I’m cheezy because I lost 7.5 pounds and I get to drink my coffee out of this awesome new mug! Don’t you just love it? My bloggy diva narcissism shining through, once again! For some reason, I keep hearing that song “Don’t you wish your Mug was hot like mine! Don’t cha wish your Mug was a freak like mine?Don’t cha?” I don’t know if I’m giddy about the weight loss or just plain silly.What do you think?

Nutrisystem;Week 3 Complete

I just finished my third week on Nutrisystem. I am down another pound bringing my grand total in the three weeks to 5.5 pounds lost. This past week consisted of a lot of running around and traveling. I am certain that the results could have been a higher loss if I had not been traveling. It’s difficult to stick to the meal plan when you are going to a place where you don’t have access to a microwave and will be having to dine out for the entire day. I did make much better choices than I would have previously made but not as good as if I had been at home. I am happy with my 1 pound loss for the week. I have also been learning what foods I really love and which ones, not so much. This is helpful to know because its a lot easier to stick to a plan when you actually enjoy what you are eating. I am particularly fond of the beef patties and flat bread pizza. It allows me to not feel deprived when everyone else around me is eating something that I would deem “yummy”. I’ve also found out that Nutrisystem [...]

In the real world…Life happens

I just finished week 2 of Nutrisystem and I have lost another 1.5 pounds. I will admit I was a little upset that it wasn’t the […]