Modern Appliances help Busy Parents Win at Parenting

Disclosure: This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of LG Appliances but all opinions on parenting are my own.

Life is hectic when you have children who are involved in everything and parents who are equally as involved. My husband works as a global business analyst; his work comes home with him, but it also takes him away from home.

I work from home full-time as a writer which also takes me on lots of travels (which I love!) but I’m also a member of the school board, room mom for both of our daughter’s classes (party days are a workout for me), a member of the junior league and a volunteer for every activity and field trip there ever was, is or will be at school. Yet, this is the life we chose. This is our version of happiness. What’s the saying? Busyness is close to Godliness? Oh wait, no, that’s cleanliness. Oops!

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However, now the girls are following suit and they’re involved in cheer, gymnastics, ballet, tap, robotics, choir and violin plus they both secured parts in the city’s Nutcracker ballet this year. Of course, I volunteer for that too. We’ve always said that we’d encourage them to go for whatever they wanted to try but it leaves us really busy with no time for the everyday chores like dusting and laundry.

Don’t get me wrong, we still wash clothes… so many clothes (all of those uniforms and never ending unpacked luggage. We have tutus and leotards coming out of our noses) but it doesn’t necessarily always get put away.

To add insult, in a crazy turn of events (and a terrible twist of my ankle) I took a tumble on my sister’s wedding day (in which I was the maid of honor) while we were taking wedding party photos (no cocktails were involved) and I broke my leg (while spraining the other one). It’s left us in a terrible debacle because now all of the chaos has fallen onto the shoulders of my dear husband, who at this point can barely see straight he is so exhausted.

The other Saturday, amongst all the chaos that is our lives these days, as we were rushing to get the family out the door for a football game at 8 a.m. in the morning before heading off to pointe class and then on to Nutcracker fittings and before celebrating a particularly peculiar distant relative’s toddler son’s birthday, grape jam dribbled from my daughter’s toast down to the bib of her cheerleading uniform! The humanity!

I heard the screech of my daughter, the moan of my husband and I knew surely something terrible had befallen the house of Cruz. I wheeled myself into the kitchen as quickly as possible to find our not so cheery cheerleader. I immediately insisted that she shed her uniform as I went into full-on manic spot cleaning and continuous praying.

After a rigorous hand washing with vinegar and cold water, I was able to throw it in the washer on delicate and maintain my reputation of super (ordinary, extremely exhausted) mom. Thank goodness for quick thinking and short timed wash cycles. She may have been a little damp but thankfully, it was a beautiful, sunny autumn day!

I’m not sure what would have happened had I not had a good washer and dryer to remedy the situation. I shudder to think of the drama that might have befallen our home that morning!

Thankfully, LG Electronics is devoted to creating home appliances that help simplify household chores while focusing on creating feature-rich appliances, with stylish designs that push technological boundaries to improve the home appliance experience as well as save them time and energy.

LG’s Mega-Capacity Top-Load laundry pair (Models WT7700 and DLEX7700VE) offers enhanced convenience and performance, helping save both time and energy. Users can wash a king size comforter and full set of bedding in a single load; saving time.  With the washer at 5.7 cubic feet of mega-capacity and dryer at 9.0 cubic feet of space, consumers have access to the largest capacity top load washer in its class* possible for loads of laundry.

Top-Load Washer incorporates LG’s time-saving TurboWash®, which provides 30-minutes of time savings on every wash cycle, while the dryer features TurboSteam™, which works gently but powerfully to refresh fabrics and reduce wrinkles in half the time of other steam settings. Both settings deliver greater efficiency and world-class cleaning performance. Perfect for school morning cheerleading uniform emergencies.

LG’s EasyLoad™ Dryer is the first to open two ways, from the top (hamper style) to easily toss in wet clothes from the washer and sideways to quickly unload dry clothes into the laundry basket. This unique setup allows users to easily transfer clothes through the top to minimize bending and dropping clothes on the floor, makes it easier than ever to drop in and unload laundry. If only the dryer could fold and put the clothes away, the world would be a perfect place.

What would you do with the 30 extra minutes in your day thanks to LG’s TurboWash® technology? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

*Based on manufacturers published specs of top load washers with a width of 29 inches or less.


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I would take a nap

I would play with my daughter.


I would either take a nap or go for a quick run, depending on how I feel!

I would use the time to read with my kids.

I would either catch up on my favorite book, read, or take a walk to get some fresh air and exercise.


I would use it to crochet a bit more, which is my hobby, my “me” time!

With my extra 30 minutes I would work in my flower beds.

I would spend the time exercising and doing yoga.

With 30 extra minutes in my day I would spend it on a nice nature walk to reboot my energy.

I would catch up with my to-read list with a cup of coffee.
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I would be able to catch up on reading some of my awesome novels that I have been wanting to read!

I would use that extra 30 minutes and read some books with my kids!

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I would to take a nap!

I would use the extra time to read or take a walk.

I think nap is a popular answer, but that is exactly what I would do!


I would enter more contests.

I would use the extra 30 minutes to enjoy a hobby…either reading, knitting or cooking.

I have a newborn so I’d sleep!!!

I would finish that blog post that I can never seem to get done!

I would spend more time with my family.

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I would use the time to play with my children, I never seem to have enough time so the extra 30 minutes would really help.

I would spend it on some much needed me-time!

Thanks for the chance to win!

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I would use the extra time to read my books that I have not been able to read!

i’d take a hot bath!!

I would exercise

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I would do my nails more often if I had 30 minutes extra in my day thanks to LG

Hmmm…. 30 extra minutes would be just perfect for making a nice hot cup of tea and sitting down with a couple of cookbooks to leaf through for some kitchen inspiration.

i would totally take a nap!!

I would take a delicious nap!

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Nap or work on my blog

I would take a walk for 1/2 hour and enjoy the sunshine.

I would use the extra 30 minutes to play with my children.

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I would go swimming at the gym with the extra 30 minutes a day.


Considering my cruddy front loading Samsung takes 1 hr and 45 mins to MAYBE get my clothes clean, I can’t imagine getting 30 mins back or more per load! I would spend it outside in nature practicing my macro photography.

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I would probably take a nap

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