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Go away tumor, go away

by Deborah Cruz

Have any of you ever seen the commercial for the Saint Jude Hospital with Jennifer Aniston? No, well, you are missing out. In this commercial, Jennifer Aniston is sitting next to a little girl around the age of 9, who is either wearing a skull cap or is bald, I can’t remember at this moment. But the story goes that the little girl had a brain tumor and her Mom used to sit there with her at night, rubbing her head and saying..”Go away tumor, Go away!” This commercial gets me every time.Every single time I see this commercial, I cry.It breaks my heart. I don’t know if its because I’m a Mom, or because I have daughters, or because my nephew was that little bald kid and I remember how that broke all of or hearts. But all I know is that when I see that commercial , I hug my girls a little tighter and it puts everything in perspective for me. It doesn’t really matter if the world is falling apart around our feet, I am unaffected if a group of strangers doesn’t approve of who I am, or what I do, no money, no job..while it doesn’t make things easy..as long as we are all healthy, we are blessed.I think the moms and dads who have endured and survived these times in their lives are the strongest and most courageous people who walk the face of the earth. I remember my brother, a very strong man, being brought to his knees when his then 3 year old was battling leukemia. Obviously, the situation would be devastating in itself but this particular episode involved the day that my brother had to lay on top of his baby and hold him down so that his son could have a spinal tap done. It absolutely had to be done but hearing that little 3 year old scream ,”I hate you Papi” as he cried from the pain, it absolutely brought my big, strong brother to his knees. He was reduced to his most vulnerable. I thank God everyday that my brother and sister in law had the strength to endure this and help my nephew get through what ever needed to be gotten through to reach remission. I truly believe that parents have super human powers when it comes to their children. I don’t think any of us could endure such trying situations , in our normal lives, but when you add our child’s safety or health to the mix, we are capable of getting through and doing anything to ensure their precious life continues for as long as possible. Our time with these angels, every single second from conception until our own death at old age, is a blessing. I don’t know about you but I always feel like I can’t believe that I was chosen to have such a miracle left in my care. I guess it is best summed up by that moment the nurse told my husband and I we could leave the hospital with our first born. We both looked at each other , and I know we’re not the only parents who did this, and we simultaneously were like ” Oh my God, are they seriously going to let us take this tiny, perfect little human being home with no instructions or anything! Are they crazy?” From that moment on, I have felt this great responsibility to not break my children and I have and do thank God every day that my children are my children and that I have been given the great privilege of loving them. So, when your children are acting up and screaming, hanging from the chandeliers, and driving you, in no uncertain terms, up the wall. Be glad they are healthy and that the only thing that you are doing when you put them to bed tonight is kissing them good night and tucking them in and not sitting in bed with them , rubbing their heads and having to utter the words,”Go away tumor, Go away”.

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