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Fashion Haul Friday Vlog ~Boho Chic

by Deborah Cruz

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Fashion Haul Friday ~ This week’s Fashion Haul Friday is Boho Chic, which is( if you are not familiar with the term) a fashion trend that is pairing vintage styles ( hippie and bohemian) with more modern simplistic fashion. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces. For this Fashion Friday, I went to my closet and found a couple of my favorite pieces that any Mommy can pull off. The best thing about boho chic is not only is it super cute, it is usually as comfortable as any yoga pants and t-shirt that I you might have been wearing otherwise. Here is my first Fashion Haul Friday vlog! Sorry if it looks CRAZY…it was filmed on my iPhone with the forward facing camera feature.

Fashion Haul Friday ~Boho Chic

The fashion haul pieces are as follow, available at your local Macys and DSW!

Fashion Haul, fashion haul, boho chic, NYC, INC, dresses, Macys, Paris

Fashion Haul Dress from Macys

  • INC from Macy’s
  • 100% Silk shell
  • Rayon lining
  • Shades of Pink, Black, Grey

Fashion Haul, fashion haul, boho chic, NYC, INC, dresses, Macys, Paris

 For Day time look pair with ballet flats or a hot pair of  to the knee black leather boots.

Fashion Haul, fashion, haul, boho chic, NYC, shoes, boots, Steve Madden, DSW

To Transition to night time, I would  go to a just over the knee black leather heeled boot or a hot pair of platform heels. If you are going to be out on the town, platform heels seem to be a lot more comfortable than traditional 5 inch heels and let’s face it, pumps would look ridiculous with this dress…especially at night!

Fashion Haul, fashion haul, boho chic, NYC, Steve Madden, shoes, high heels, platforms, DSW,MAcys

This is my Fashion Haul Friday outfit for this week.  I hope that you will join me and link up with your latest fashion haul Friday finds. It can be a wish item, something you just bought or something you are going to get. Here is the linky. All you need to do is add my button to your post ( next week there will be a specific one for Fashion Haul Friday) and link up! Can’t wait to see what fashion items you have to share. Also, I’ve got some great reviews , giveaways and discount codes on the horizon for Fashion Haul Friday so stayed tuned.  Oh yeah and one more fashion haul find…

Fashion Haul, fashion, haul, lingerie, NYC, Missoni, Target,

I found MISSONI at Target. Apparently, all those people who waited overnight and camped out for Missoni and blew up the Target site the day it came out, were doing it so they could sell it on Ebay and price gouge. The people refused to be gouged and now it has been returned and there is a load of it at most Targets…marked down by at least 30%. I’ve bought like 4 pieces. Go get yourself some…fast.

And one more hot fashion haul Friday tip..H&M has VERSACE. It’s like $249.00 for a dress and totally out of my budget (especially during the holidays) but for Versace…it’s a steal! Happy Fashion Haul Friday!

Fashion Haul Friday @ The TRUTH about Motherhood

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Carri 2011/11/19 - 12:19 am

I don’t like Missoni. But the heels? LOVE.

Jenn {Mommie Couture} 2011/11/20 - 10:04 am

LOVE! I keep checking back at my local Target and still nothing. So bummed! 🙁

Jessica 2011/11/21 - 9:17 am

Love both dresses, I’ve found a few Missoni pieces at target but nothing I really wanted.

Bruna 2011/11/23 - 1:11 pm

Love the dress, shoes and boots! You are looking super beautiful these days Debi! Love the hair!

I need to get my act together. Just came back from a shopping weekend and found some great items!

Will join in eventually 🙂

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