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election 2012, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Vote, Presidency

Election 2012; Romney or Obama this vote will Change the United States

by Deborah Cruz

election 2012, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Vote, Presidency

Election 2012 is closer than I’d ever like any election to be, exciting, intense and with a chance of chaos ensuing. Election 2012 is too close for my comfort. Today is election day and I am terrified. God, I love this country because we have choices. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday. It was one of those mommy moments where you feel like you actually did something right.

Many of you do not know this but I am, by degree, a political scientist but I am also very opinionated and a bit of a hot head. That part, you all already knew. Anyways, I am very political but I try not to talk about politics in front of my girls, as they are only 5 and 7. They KNOW that mommy voted for President Barack Obama in the last election because I was teary eyed as we watched the inauguration together and they chanted “GOBAMA!” It was a history making moment and we shared it together and that was awesome.

Presidential election 2012 they are no longer babies or toddlers, they are little girls with minds of their own.

At pick-up yesterday they were very excited because today they get to participate in their own mock election 2012 at school. They spent all last week voting on favorite colors and best ice cream flavors to prep for today, the big election 2012. The history making votes will be cast. I’m very proud of how excited they are and involved in the process they have been. I am also excited that they might share my love of government and politics.

They jumped in the car and the 5-year-old began going on excitedly about the election and then she declared, ” I am voting for Ritt Momney!” My heart sunk a little bit because it’s really like I don’t even know this child anymore:) Almost immediately, her 7-year-old sister declared, “I’m voting for Obama, like Mommy! You shouldn’t vote for Romney!” This is when I surprised myself.

You all know that I have issue with the Republican party in this election, it is no secret. They scare me for the simple reason that the election of a Republican candidate could be catastrophic for women’s rights. Period. The End. For me, there is no bigger issue. That alone is enough for me NOT to vote for Mitt Romney. I have a philosophy in my life when it comes to mistakes, everything except death is reversible. No matter what anyone does, we can fix the problem as long as no one dies. That we can’t fix.  I feel like the slow, painful death of women’s rights, is not something we could revive. Even if it could, I’m not willing to take the chance. I could have went off about why

I won’t vote for Mitt Romney in election 2012

but that’s not what I did.

Instead, I went on a tirade about how we respect one anothers choices. I told my 5-year-old that her vote is private and nobody else’s business unless she wanted to tell them. I told them that everybody’s vote counts in an election and that our vote is our choice, no one else’s. At the end of the day, we have to live with the choice we make. I explained to them that I want them to vote with their heart, their common sense and on the issues. We don’t cast votes on popularity. I explained that the right to vote, to make a choice, is a freedom that not everyone in the world has and that they would make me very proud if when they grow up they are informed about the issues and the candidates and they make their own decision. I asked them not to vote one way because their friends do or because Mommy or Daddy do. I told them to vote with their own heart and they understood.

My 7-year-old apologized to my 5-year-old about chastising her for voting Romney in election 2012. My 5-year-old told my 7-year-old that it was okay because Mommy said it’s okay no matter who she votes for. I decided that during the next election, I will allow them to watch the debates with me and we will discuss the issues. Women fought too hard for the right to vote for me not to teach my girls to exercise their right appropriately.

As of this morning, we are a bipartisan household. No matter who wins election 2012, I feel like a winner as a Mom because I made a difficult situation a teaching moment and that never happens.

Did you discuss the election 2012 process with your little ones?



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Jamie 2012/11/06 - 10:53 am

Like most people, I had been watching the news and debates regularly. Normally my kids pay it no mind, happily playing with their toys and/or ipods in the background… But a few weeks ago, my 10 year old son asked me what “rape” was. I knew where he had heard it, but I was still shocked. Trying to explain what rape was to a child was awful. Trying to explain how elected officials can just wave their had at rape like it’s no big deal is even more awful.

Lou "lceel" Lohman 2012/11/06 - 11:09 am

Well done, you. My guys are all too big and too independent to look to me for discussion or advice or anything regarding politics. But they are Democrats. All three of them and, thankfully, they’ll have none of the Republican kollaid, thank you very much.

I am so proud.


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