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I am Robin Williams

As I sit here, I am saddened no I am devastated by the suicide of Robin Williams. I am, however, not shocked. I want to scream […]
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U.S. Immigration Policy has Obama Refusing Sanctuary and Sending Children to be Slaughtered

Immigration laws are very important to me. I am a Mexican-American Latina, first generation born in the United States. If my dad had not left all of […]
Maya Angelou, Poet, Civil Rights advocate, amazing woman, hero, deceased

Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman

I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts about the news that Maya Angelou  has died. She was a great poet, writer and woman. My […]
September 11th, 9/11, New York, September 11th Memorial, #NeverForget

September 11th ~ A Mother’s Vulnerabilty Exposed

September 11th ~ Vulnerable. Like an open wound, that is how I would describe how I felt when I woke up this morning. There are instances […]
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Cory Monteith Dead by Lethal Overdose of Heroin and Alcohol

Cory Monteith’s death took me by surprise, so much so that I was pretty much shocked and I am having a difficult time getting it out […]
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Carlos Arredondo Out of Ashes a Hero is Born

I am so happy to see proof that there are still heroes among us like Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat that so many […]
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Prayers for the Krim Family

This has been an awful week and now the Krim children have been brutally murdered by their nanny. I am emotionally and physically spent. The events […]
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It doesn’t matter if You are an Ass or an Elephant, this Election is about Humans

This election is a game changer. I’ve been sucked in, once again. I never think of myself as overly political. Yes, I am technically a political scientist. […]
September 11, 2001, New York, United States of America, Bin Laden,

September 11, 2001~ The Day the World Stood Still

I resolved not to write about September 11, 2001, that fateful day. I didn’t feel that I needed to be reminded of the events that transpired […]