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Detroit Homeless Man Now Accepting Credit Cards via Square

A 42-year-old Detroit homeless man, Abe Hagenston better known as Honest Abe, is in the business of being homeless. You read that right, he has taken […]
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Ground Control to Major Tom

As I sit here stunned, I can’t believe David Bowie is no longer on this earth. The news was sudden and jolted me to my core, not […]
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Why the Peace on Earth Holiday Photo Doesn’t Infuriate Me

When you think of peace on earth does your mind immediately go to women should be seen and not heard? Do you think the above photo […]
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Every Morning I drop My Girls off at School I’m Terrified its Our Last Goodbye

My mind has been swirling with all the mass shootings and talk of gun control or should I say, lack thereof? Between Trump, shootings and racists […]
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In the Face of the Unfathomable Pray for Humanity

If you are the praying sort, please pray for humanity. I’ve not written about the situation in Paris until tonight because mostly, I was just trying to […]
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Is the Starbucks Red Cup Debacle Just a Marketing Ploy?

I don’t drink Starbucks coffee that often because honestly, it usually tastes a little burnt and I prefer my Nespresso but the other day, on the […]
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Dear Nicole Arbour On Behalf of Fat People Everywhere

I watched the video of youtuber, Nicole Arbour, going off on a tangent in her video, Dear Fat People. Since being posted, the video has amassed […]

Marriage Equality and Being Human in America

Today, marriage equality became legislation nation wide. Today we got one step closer to human equality. According to the Oxford dictionary a Human Being: A man, woman, […]
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Why I Admire Bruce Jenner

I watched the Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer interview on Friday night. I was surprisingly moved. I was sure I would be making Kardashian jokes but […]