Unarmed suspect shot by police officer, Walter Scott, Michael Slager, North Charleston, South Carolina, Shooting, Police, brutality, racism, fear

Fear and Ignorance is What’s Killing Black Men

Yet another African American man, Walter Scott, has been shot dead in the streets. Hearing this saddens me but seeing the video infuriates me. How many people have […]

Dad Refuses to Abandon Son with Down Syndrome, Mom Divorces Him

In Armenia, a baby boy was born with Down syndrome. His father, Samuel Forrest heard his newborn son’s cries, as he excitedly waited outside of his […]
raising girls, Like a girl, #LikeAGirl

Strong Like A Girl #LikeAGirl

” Like a Girl ” what does that even mean? Like a boss? Like your best? Like you? Bigger? Bolder? Brighter? Faster? Harder? Stronger? Longer? Better? I’ve […]
poop inspection, Gustine Texas, strip search , elementary school children

Teachers Humiliate Students with Mandatory Poop Inspection: File Under WTF!

Apparently, in Gustine, Texas (wherever the hell that may be) a group of elementary school students were “asked” to lower their pants for a semi-strip search […]
transgender students, gender inclusiveness, gender equality, Lincoln Public Schools, Rachel Terry

Bigot Mom Fights Against Equal Treatment for Transgender Students

Dear Bigot Mom why are you so opposed to the idea of transgender students being treated equal?  I’ve never understood how adults can be mean or uncaring to children but […]
Ground Zero, 9/11, September 11th, Remembering, #neverForget

I Keep My Kids Home on September 11th, but Not for the Reasons You Think

Last night, I watched as social media became heated and divided over September 11th. These are just a few of the slurs I saw hurled at […]
Steven Sotloff, journalist

ISIS Barbarically Murders Steven Sotloff & the Entire Internet Watches

ISIS beheaded Steven Sotloff and the world watched, no one intervened. We let it happen.There was no rescue.I am fairly sick over the fact that our […]
#icebucketchallenge, ice bucket challenge, ALS, ALSA, Catholic Church

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge Controversy

Seems like everyone’s doing the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Well, not quite everyone. Not the Catholic Church, not anymore. Not since someone discovered that people acting like goofballs […]
Michael Brown, shooting, Ferguson, MIssouri, racial profiling, riots

Michael Brown’s Murder is the Result of Racial Profiling, Fear & Loathing in Ferguson

I have not touched the topic of Ferguson, Missouri and Michael Brown yet because I’ve been struggling with my own demons this week triggered by the suicide […]