Food is more than just something you put in your mouth to your fuel your body. Food is an adventure, a shared experience with someone you love, it’s traveling to a distant part of the world and it brings people together.

In our family are foodies. I come from a long line of foodies. We were taught to try everything and I’ve raised my daughters to try everything twice.

Here I will review different restaurants, share recipes and try foods that you may otherwise have never heard of or known about. My goal is to share all the good we discover and give my readers, and my family, exposure to different kinds of cuisines and tastes.

Food is something that connects all humans. We all need it. We all love it. The more we understand the foods of different cultures, the more we can understand it’s people and the world can always use a little more human understanding.

calavera, beauty, day of the dead, make up tutorial, dia de los muertos, day of the dead

Next weekend is for celebrating at our house; Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.

My girls are so excited that next week is Halloween. It’s their favorite holiday. It’s the magical time of year when the air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors and the world has suddenly become a more beautiful place of crimson, caramels and golden yellows and we all get to be anyone or thing we want to be for one day, the only limitation is our imagination. I think I’d like to be a unicorn!

As a Latina, it also means it’s time to start preparing for Dia de Los Muertos. Thanks to the new movie Book of Life, I’ve decided that this is the perfect year to teach my girls about Dia de Los Muertos. It’s part of our Mexican heritage. They’ve seen the sugar skulls but I’ve never explained the celebration because death is such a touchy subject for children. This is the year I tell them all about it so that they can celebrate too.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that lasts for 2 days, November 1-November 2, November 1st is Dia de los Inocentes, honoring children who have died. In preparation of the holiday, the graves are cleaned and those of the children are decorated with white orchids and baby’s breath. November 2nd is Dia de los Muertos, honoring adults, their graves are decorated with bright orange marigolds. On Dia de los Muertos we honor our dead with festivals and celebrations; it’s a marriage of indigenous Aztec ritual and Catholicism.

We believe that our dead loved ones would be insulted by mourning or sadness, so on Dia de los Muertos we celebrate the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties and activities that they dead enjoyed in their life.

I like that Dia de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience, a continuum with birth, childhood, and growing up. On Dia de los Muertos, the dead are also a part of the community, awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with loved ones. It’s a very healthy way to look at death and takes away some of the fear of the unknown.

The most familiar symbol of Dia de los Muertos are the calacas and Calaveras (skeletons and skulls), which appear everywhere during the holiday: in candied sweets, as parade masks and even as dolls. Calacas and calaveras are almost always portrayed as enjoying life, often in fancy clothes and entertaining situations.

In addition to celebrations, the dead are honored on Dia de los Muertos with ofrendas—small, personal altars honoring one person. Ofrendas often have flowers, candles, food, drinks, photos, and personal mementos of the person being remembered. For example, if I were to make an alter for my Uncle Ramon it would include lots of sweets and Rompope ( Mexican eggnog) because I remember when we were little he had a sweet tooth and always had candy on him and if he came during the holidays, he always brought Rompope.

Here is a recipe for Dia de los Muertos Cheesecake

international delight, eggnog, cheesecake recipe, sponsored post, dia de los muertos



    • 16 graham crackers, finely ground (2 cups)


    • 3 tablespoons sugar


    • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar


    • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


    • 1 teaspoon ground Nutmeg

international delight, eggnog, cheesecake recipe, sponsored post, dia de los muertos




    • 2 8-ounce packages of cream cheese, room temperature


    • 2 large eggs


    • 3/4 cup International Delight eggnog


    • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour


    • 2 tablespoons brandy


    • 2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


    • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg


    • 1/4 teaspoon salt


    • Cinnamon for dusting





    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat the bottom of a 9-inch pie pan with cooking spray. Stir together graham crackers, sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg and melted butter. Press into bottom and up sides of pan using a fork. Bake until crust is just brown around the edges, 12 to 15 minutes. Let cool.
    2. Meanwhile, beat cream cheese with a mixer on medium speed until fluffy. Add the remaining sugar, eggs, yolk, eggnog, flour, brandy, vanilla, nutmeg, and salt; beat until smooth. Pour filling over crust. Set pan on a cookie sheet. Bake just until set, 45 minutes. Let cool for about 30 minutes. Refrigerate overnight.
    3. Slice into 8 slices.
    4. Top with a dollop of whipped cream.
    5. Lightly dust top with cinnamon just before serving.
    6. Enjoy with those you love.


dia de los muertos, international delight, eggnog, cheesecake recipe, sponsored post



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

For more awesome recipes and ways to use your International Delight creamers, check out their Facebook and Pinterest page.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine. Later this week, I will be posting a tutorial on how to do the day of the dead make-up my brother and I are wearing in the photo above.

What’s your favorite Halloween/ Dia de Los Muertos tradition?


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Nido1+, Nestle, Protein shake for kids, protein shake, sponsored, cooking with kids

My girls are very busy these days. They attend school all day and on most afternoons they have dance or violin practice and most days they have homework to complete before dinner. In those few minutes we have between getting home from school and moving along to the next activity, I like to give them a healthy snack; sometimes it’s fresh fruit cut up with peanut butter, a granola bar or fresh veggies but their favorite after school snack is fun, healthy shakes.

Who doesn’t love shakes? I know I do but there are so many calories and they are usually made with ice cream and loads of other things that may taste good but aren’t so good for us. Believe me it saddens me too but maybe we can have the best of both worlds for our children with healthy shakes.

Here is a recipe I use sometimes for a quick pick me up before homework or other after school activities.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Shake


  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • 1 Teaspoon Cocoa Powder
  • 4 tablespoons of NIDO1+
  • 1 glass of warm water
  • 1 Cup Ice


  1. Mix 4 tablespoons of Nido1+ with 8 ounces of warm water to dissolve powder and mix completely.
  2. Break banana pieces into blender.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder.
  4. Add blended Nido1+ mixture and blend for a few seconds.
  5. Add 1 cup of ice and blend all ingredients together for 30 seconds.
  6. Serve with a smile and watch your children be happy and ready to do homework.

I used to think powdered milk was something long gone, used back during the depression when life was too hard and people were too broke to procure fresh milk. Of course, I’ve since realized that powdered milk is not just for my Grandma’s generation but that it is a fabulous and cost effective alternative to fresh milk.  One canister of 56.3-ounce can of Nido 1+ equals 3 gallons of fresh milk and it lasts longer than 2 weeks before expiring. Nido1+ is made specifically to meet the nutritional needs of children ages 1-3 but my girls are older and still love it.

Nido1+, Nestle, Protein shake for kids, protein shake


Fresh milk provides children with many of the nutrients they need for development, and Nido1+ milk drink also has minerals, vitamins and prebiotics to further support your child’s healthy growth, development and immune system. It’s also awesome for shakes and baking with milk.

Have you ever used powdered milk for your children or in your home?

What ways do you think you could use Nido1+ in place of traditional milk?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to all residents of the United States and Canada, must be over eighteen to enter. Giveaway ends October 2nd at midnight.

I’m working with Nestlé NIDO1+, a powdered milk specially formulated with all the goodness of milk, in addition to a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid and Zinc.

This is a compensated post but all opinions and thoughts on Nestle Nido1+ are my own.


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pumpkin spice cheesecake, #PumpkinDelight, autumn, International delight, recipe, pumpkin

Pumpkin spice cheesecake is the epitome of autumn to me.

It encompasses all that is amazing about fall; the colors, the smells, the tastes and triggers the memories of coming home, being home and being loved.

Every fall, the world transforms into a menagerie of splendid shades of greens, yellows, ambers, browns and reds. The leaves are dying, but to me, it feels like the world is coming to life in all it’s vibrant glory. I was born in the fall and it holds a special place in my heart.

I live for the crispness of the cool autumn mornings, the soft afterglow of that illuminates the world on an autumn afternoon and the sky, ever clear holding court with all the stars in the heavens. There is nothing that I don’t like about autumn.

I love the warm colored clothes that we pile on layer after layer. I love the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet as I walk through the park. The smells of chili and soups being made. I love my children running towards me with slightly red noses for hugs after school. I love cuddling in close to the Big Guy to stay warm. There isn’t really too much that I can say bad about autumn. I love it all.

I enjoy those last moments of clarity before the chaos of the holiday season begins. When I think of fall, I think of all the good things that are about to transpire; my birthday celebrated with loved ones, sipping coffee and making real connections with all the amazing friends who live in my computer at conferences, back-to-school, Halloween, pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating with my little girls, giggles echoing into the crisp night air.

I think of my niece’s first birthday party, I think of Thanksgiving and all of our family ( both sides) talking, laughing and bonding while the smells of turkey and pumpkin pie waft through our home. I get the warm fuzzies knowing that in just 3 short months, after months of rehearsals, my daughters will take the stage to perform in the Nutcracker. My heart is full and it leaps with joy each time they perform.

Autumn reminds me that Christmas eve is right around the corner. A night spent playing charades, exchanging hugs and hearing stories told to my girls from the lips of their Great Aunt Maxie and their Great Grandmother of their childhood in Canada. Seeing all that love and watching our girls excitedly force themselves to sleep contrary to what all the excitement of Santa dictates, knowing that the next day, there will only be more warmth.

I love receiving the homemade gifts that my girls hand make with love each year because I know the time, effort and love that goes into every second of it’s making. I love watching their faces as they open their gifts. The laughter and excitement. I love the big breakfast of gravy and biscuits or creme brûlée french toast. The smell permeates our home like an old familiar friend. And from there it’s another couple weeks of family, food and love and that is what these first crisp mornings of autumn remind me of.

I’ve already started craving all the autumn dishes, the warm fuzzy feelings, and so here is a recipe sure to make your stomach and your heart happy. It will satisfy.

International Delight Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

pumpkin spice cheesecake, #PumpkinDelight, autumn, International delight, recipe, pumpkin


For the crust

  • 2 cups of graham cracker
  • 1 stick (8 tablespoons) butter, melted
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar

For the filling

  • 12-ounces cream cheese, softened to room temperature
  • 10-ounces pumpkin puree
  • ¾ cup International Delight pumpkin pie spice creamer
  • 1 1-ounce package cheesecake-flavored instant pudding mix
  • 10-ounces of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 12-ounce container Cool whip topping


  1. Place the graham cracker crumbs in the bowl. Add the melted butter, sugar and brown sugar and combine.
  2. Spoon the crumbs into individual plastic cups (or into a 8 x8 casserole dish). Place in the refrigerator to set while you are preparing the filling.
  3. In the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese until light and creamy.
  4. Add the pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice creamer, and pudding mix. Beat until completely mixed, scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl to ensure that all ingredients are combined.
  5. Add the sweetened condensed milk and mix again until thoroughly combined.
  6. Change your stand mixture attachment to the wire whisk. On slow speed, fold in Cool Whip.
  7. Allow the mixture to sit in the refrigerator for about an hour to firm up.
  8. Spoon pumpkin mixture over the graham cracker crust and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  9. Garnish with drizzled caramel for an extra decadent dessert or with a dollop of whipped topping.
  10. Serve with a smile and enjoy.

pumpkin spice cheesecake, #PumpkinDelight, autumn, International delight, recipe, pumpkin

What is your favorite thing about the autumn season?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.



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Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

I have been compensated by #CollectiveBias and Nestle #NuestroSabor to share my thoughts and opinions on Nestle La Lechera Dulce De Leche Cheesecake and Nescafe Clasico. My opinions are always my own and cannot be bought if I haven’t tried it myself or don’t truly believe in it, love it or would not use it in my own home with my family, I will not support it on my site. ~ Deborah

September is Hispanic Heritage month and I cannot think of being Latina without thinking of my own abuelito, Grandfather, Manuel because he was my father’s father and, for me, he is where my Hispanic Heritage starts. He was where my story began.

When my grandfather became a father to his first son, my dad, he was already an older gentleman. My grandmother was his second wife. His first wife had died, leaving him with 3 nearly grown daughters. By the time I was born, he was already in his 70’s and by the time I met him, he was in his 80’s.

Don Manuel was once a strong, handsome rancher who was well respected in his community and did a lot to build the small town he lived and raised his children in Mexico. By the time I met my grandfather, he was a tiny, elderly man who I could look directly into his eyes. He was shrinking in stature but his heart and soul were big and beautiful, only to be outshined by the smile he reserved just for his grandchildren. I loved my grandfather for so many reasons but mostly for how he loved my papi.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

When we went to visit my abuelito in the summer, it was like transporting to another world and another time. For a little half-breed girl who was raised in Chicago, everything felt different but it was all worth it; the week long drive in a hot car sweating with my 5 brothers and sisters, the month out of my summer, the weird food and odd looks we got from people, every bit of it was worth it for one of his hugs. They were the best hugs, they felt like coming home, even though I was in a strange country.

A favorite memory of my grandfather, and it’s a consensus of my brothers, sisters and many cousins, is of my grandfather eating his pan con leche y café, every single morning of his adult life, maybe even his childhood. My grandfather worked his land until about 2 years before he died in his 9th decade. He broke horses until he fell and broke his hip in his 80’s. This man was a man amongst men. He was quiet, strong and kind and gentle. I never heard him ever say a mean thing about anyone, even when he had reason. But every morning, after milking the cows and before going back out to the fields, he brought fresh milk home and ate his pan con leche y café.

We used to giggle at him. This tiny, old man eating torn pieces of bread covered in fresh milk. Now that I think of it, we were just kids being kids. What was the difference between his pan con leche and our cereal? He would offer us a bite, every single time and we’d take a bite and scrunch up our faces because it wasn’t what we were used to eating. He would smile and we would giggle and we would do it again the next day, for the entire time we were there, every time we were there. Now, that I think of it, he must have waited for us to wake up and kept filling that bowl with pan con leche. That’s the kind of person he was. He’d do anything just to see us smile. He was a good man and whenever I think of pan con leche, or pan or leche, or café, my heart gets a warm fuzzy feeling and I can feel one of my grandpa’s hugs that I haven’t had in over 20 years. So, I decided to make a recipe to pay homage to that great man, Don Manuel Cruz. Te Amo, Abuelito.

Abuelito’s Dulce de Leche y Cafe Cheesecake


Nestle La Lechera Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Kit ( available at your local Walmart)

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored


2 cups of prepared Nescafe Coffee

2 large eggs

12 ounces of cream cheese

4 tablespoons of butter

12 Alessi Biscotti Savoiardi Lady Fingers ( Cut in half)



Soak the cut lady fingers in the Nescafe until coffee is completely absorbed ( 5 seconds)

While Lady fingers are soaking, make the graham cracker crust from the kit and press into the bottom of a spring form pan.

Line the sides of the pan with all 24 Nescafe soaked lady fingers, to create the sides of the cheesecake crust.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

Follow directions on the La Lechera Dulce de Leche cheesecake mix.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

Pour the cheesecake filling into the spring form pan.

Cook for 30 minutes.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

Let cool for an hour.

Chill for 3 hours.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

When ready to serve, heat up La Lechera Dulce de Leche toppings and drizzle over top of cheesecake.

Remove cheesecake from spring form pan and serve by the slice. Enjoy.

Nestle, Dulce de leche, Nescafe, Hispanic Heritage, Recipe, Sponsored

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International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream

School is back in session. Thank goodness. Nope, that’s not just me sighing with relief my girls missed their friends and were bored. They like a good routine. Sure they like a week off here and there but they really missed seeing their friends. Which made me think, why not celebrate back-to-school with my girls, a few of their friends and some homemade ice cream.

I told the girls my idea and we got straight to planning our menu of homemade vanilla ice cream and salted caramel mocha whipped cream. I love adding flavored creamers to drinks other than just my coffee. There are few things 7 and 9-year-old girls love more than the marriage of smooth, creamy homemade ice cream and fresh made whipped cream, adding salted caramel and mocha was just the cherry on top..oh yeah, there has to be one of those too!

International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream

Here is the simple recipe I used for homemade vanilla ice cream.


3/4 cup sugar

· 2 tablespoons cornstarch

· 1/8 teaspoon salt

· 1 1/2 cups Vitamin D whole milk

· 2/3 cup Fat Free French Vanilla

· 1 cup heavy whipping cream

· 1 egg yolk

· 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream


1. Whisk together sugar, cornstarch and salt in a large heavy saucepan. Gradually whisk in milk, International Delight Fat Free French Vanilla creamer and heavy whipping cream. Cook over medium heat and stir constantly, 10 to 12 minutes or until mixture thickens slightly. Remove from heat.

2. Whisk egg yolk until slightly thickened. Gradually whisk about 1 cup hot cream mixture into whisked yolk. Add yolk mixture to remaining cream mixture, whisking constantly. Whisk in vanilla extract. Cool for 1 hour and stir occasionally.

3. Place saran wrap directly on cream mixture, and chill 12 to 24 hours.

4. Pour mixture into freezer container of a 1 1/2-qt. electric ice-cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.

International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream

Top with homemade Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream.

International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream


1 ½ cup of heavy whipping cream

½ cup of International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha creamer (What? You thought I only used creamer for coffee and cocktails?)

¼ -1/2 cup of sugar (add sugar till your desired stiffness)


Put heavy whipping cream and International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha creamer into a chilled mixing bowl.

Slowly add sugar as you blend with hand mixer on med. As whipped topping begins to stiffen, turn mixer up to high speed.

Garnish with 2 salted pretzel rods and a Maraschino cherry or two. Serve with love and enjoy all the giggles and squeals of back-to-school happy. Yes, I can’t believe it either but my girls seem to simply love being back in school. I guess my nerd gene didn’t skip a generation after all.

International Delight, Salted Caramel Mocha, recipe, dessert, Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream

By the way, we all tried this recipe out yesterday and we concur that it is equally delicious to both the adult and child’s palate. To be honest, I could eat the salted caramel mocha whipped cream all on it’s own…!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight.

The opinions and Salted Caramel Mocha Whipped Cream recipe are all mine.


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Yucateco, Bloody Mary, Recipe, Sponsored

This shop has been compensated by #Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

It’s Friday and you know what that means? It’s the weekend and on the weekends I like to enjoy brunch and sometimes, I like to add a little something special to brunch, a Yucateco Habanero hot sauce Bloody Maria for those weekends when your day needs a little get up and go or it’s a little nip in the air! My Bloody Maria will warm you right up.

I don’t drink Bloody Mary’s often, I am more of a Mimosa girl myself, but sometimes you just want something savory and spicy on a Sunday afternoon with your Frittata or before your Scotch eggs and maybe you love spicy heat but you don’t want to cover your eggs in hot sauce. Me neither!

Here’s my recipe for a Yucateco Habanero hot sauce Bloody Maria

6 oz. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

3 ounces Reyka Vodka ( if you can’t find it, if not any top shelf vodka will work)

3 liberal dashes of Yucateco Black Reserve Habanero Sauce ( you can find all 4 flavors at your local Wal-mart in the Hispanic food aisle)


Yucateco, Bloody Mary, Recipe, Sponsored


2 dashes of pepper

2 dashes of sea salt

1 squeeze of lemon

Garnish with 1 stalk of celery, 1 pickle wedge and 2 blue cheese stuffed green olives for optimum Sunday Funday experience.

Yucateco, Bloody Mary, Recipe, Sponsored

Fill shaker 1/2 full with ice, add all ingredients except garnishments. Shake for 10 full seconds.  Pour into a Collins glass and garnish. Relax and enjoy your morning/ early afternoon relaxing as El Yucateco Black Label Reserve (available exclusively at Wal-Mart) washes over you like the sunlight through the window. It’s like a hug from the inside. But if you are afraid the Black Label might be too much smoky goodness for you, there are 3 other flavors you can try; Red Habanero, Sauce Green Habanero Sauce and XXXtra Hot Kutbil-ik Sauce.

Yucateco, Bloody Mary, Recipe, Sponsored

For more awesome recipes and great ideas of how to get the most out of your Yucateco check out El Yucateco Facebook page.

Hope you can join us at the bilingual #SauceOn Twitter Party for inspiration and ideas on how to bring more excitement to your everyday meals by using El Yucateco.  We’ll be sharing delicious and exciting recipes using El Yucateco and there will be $550 in Walmart gift cards!  RSVP here:


This shop has been compensated by #Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.


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citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman


Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kikkoman and Latina Bloggers Connect to create a recipe or re-work one a favorite dish. I had so much fun experimenting and it was compensated! I’ll give you a hint, Kikkoman is more versatile than you can imagine. Think outside of the Asian inspired box. I did. Kikkoman can actually be used in lieu of salt in every type of cuisine. In fact, to reduce the sodium content of your dish by 1000 mg swap ½ teaspoon of Kikkoman Soy Sauce in place of ½ a teaspoon of salt.

Anyways, if you are like me, the minute you hear the name Kikkoman, you instantly think of soy sauce for your sushi but Kikkoman is so much more than just soy sauce, they make Teriyaki sauce, Ponzu and many more products than I ever knew about. After all you can’t get much more perfect than Kikkoman soy sauce when cooking because 19 generations and 300 years of living by the family philosophy of it’s founder, “Isogaba Maware” (Make Haste Slowly; Advance and grow with tremendous thought and care) can’t be wrong. All this means is that Kikkoman takes it’s 6-month natural brewing process seriously and has since the seventeenth century.  We should all advance and grow with such thought and care. True haste without thought will surely make waste in everything from food ingredient choices to life choices.

I actually adapted two recipes for dinner last night using Kikkoman soy sauce.

I chose Citrus Honey Grilled BBQ Chicken and paired it with a nice, refreshing summer watermelon and feta salad.

Here is the recipe for the Citrus Honey Grilled BBQ Chicken


6 Large Chicken Breasts


1 ½ cup of Orange Juice

½ cup of olive oil

¼ cup of La Preferida hot sauce

½ cup of Dijon mustard

2 tablespoons of grated orange zest

2 tablespoons of Kikkoman soy sauce

½ cup of honey

Dash of Paprika



1 stick of unsalted butter

½ cup of honey

½ cup of orange juice

¼ cup of brown sugar

½ cup of honey BBQ sauce

2 tablespoons of grated orange zest

Between ¼- ½ cup of Dijon mustard (to taste)

3 tablespoons of Kikkoman soy Sauce


Whisk together orange juice, olive oil, hot sauce, Dijon mustard, Kikkoman soy sauce, orange zest, honey and paprika together in a large bowl. Add the chicken breasts to the marinade and toss to combine and cover chicken breasts. Cover bowl with lid or saran wrap and let marinate overnight or at least 1 hour, but for best results marinate over night in the refrigerator.

When ready to cook, pull chicken out of fridge and let it come to room temperature before you grill. Room temperature meats cook more evenly and don’t lose as much moisture. Prepare the grill and set to medium and direct heat.

Drain your chicken breasts from the marinade and pat dry. Grill for 5 minutes on each side, then turn heat down to medium-low, close the grill lid and continue cooking for 25 minutes.

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman

While the chicken breasts are on the grill for those 25 minutes, start making the glaze.  Melt the butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat or on grill burner. Whisk in honey, orange juice, brown sugar, honey bbq sauce, orange zest, Dijon mustard and Kikkoman soy sauce. When it’s time to glaze the chicken breasts, reserve some of the glaze in a separate container to serve with the meal, in case someone wants more sauce on their chicken. I, personally, love my food saucy but some others don’t so reserve some. Stir occasionally. Check that poultry is cooked to 160 degrees before serving.


citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman


Then brush chicken breast with glaze, flip glaze side down, glaze other side and then continue cooking for 3 more minutes. Glaze once more, flip over, glaze top, cook for 3 minutes more. Then take chicken off the grill, loosely tent with foil and let it rest for 5 minutes, so the juices will reabsorb into the meat.

The interval when my chicken was on the grill for 25 minutes was when I started my side dish Watermelon Feta Salad. It’s quick and easy but you need 20 minutes to let it refrigerate it so you can totally make this ahead of time.

This recipe for  Watermelon Feta salad serves about 6 people, generously.

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman, watermelon, feta, cucumber, salad

Ingredients for salad:

4 cups of cooked quinoa (cooked and cooled)

4 cups of fresh watermelon (cut into bite sized cubes)

2 tablespoons of Kikkoman Soy Sauce

12 ounces of Feta cheese (crumbled)

2 cucumbers (cubed)

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman, watermelon, feta, cucumber, salad

Ingredients for dressing:

3/4-cup fresh organic basil {packed}
Fresh squeezed juice from 2 large lemons
1/2 cup olive oil

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman, watermelon, feta, cucumber, salad

Sprinkle the 2 tablespoons of Kikkoman soy sauce on the watermelon as a flavor enhancer.

Then combine the quinoa, watermelon, feta cheese and cucumbers in the bowl.

Using a food processor, process basil, lemon juice and olive oil together until well combined then gingerly toss sauce with quinoa/watermelon/feta combination. Cover and chill for 20 minutes in refrigerator to allow flavors to combine appropriately.

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman, watermelon, feta, cucumber, salad

Serve as a side to the Citrus Honey BBQ grilled chicken. It is absolutely delicious; light, filling and mostly guilt-free. My girls and husband gobbled it right up. The dinner table was quiet and that is always a good sign.

So were you surprised with how I used my Kikkoman soy sauce? My husband even used it in his recipe for sausage gravy and biscuits. It was one of his best batches and none of us knew it had soy sauce in it until he told us and think of how much better it was for our health with less sodium.

citrus honey bbq, grilled chicken, recipe, Latina, Kikkoman

How could you use Kikkoman in your favorite recipes?

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Cinnabon, International Delight, cocktail, rum chata, recipes

Craving a deliciously cool cocktail recipe to celebrate summer vacation with?

Summer vacation is almost over. We’ve been so busy that it’s been one great adventure, trip or event after another, every weekend since May. I’m not complaining, really, I’m not but as in most things, too much of a good thing can be a little overwhelming. I honestly feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m sure you know what I mean. You know, just a moment to sit in the sun, close my eyes and be still with no worries of putting myself in danger of a heat stroke. It’s the little things people.

Anyways, I’ve partnered with International Delight to try out some of their new flavors and I’ve become a little obsessed with finding ways to use them other than just rocking my coffee. Last month, I came up with a recipe for a Mexican Hot Chocolate milkshake that blew my families minds. Apparently, I really crave cold weather comfort drinks but adapted for the hot weather.

Cinnabon, International Delight, cocktail, rum chata, recipes

As I was sitting by the pool, wishing it was a little less humid and watching my kids do cannonballs, I began imagining myself on a tropical island (because I’m melting as one does when on a tropical vacation) and then my daydream went off into a completely odd direction and as I was sitting on the beach, it began to flurry and I was trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue, like I did when I was a little kid, but I was in my bathing suit which was odd. The point is, it made me smile and I thought to myself, why can’t I have a little snow right this very minute. Obviously it’ll never snow in July but with the courtesy of International Delight Cinnabon Creamer I could have a little bit of snowflake on my tongue, right here in July.

I never have been one for taking no for an answer so here’s the recipe I used to make this deliciously cool and refreshing cocktail, Dulce de la Nieve.

Cinnabon, International Delight, cocktail, rum chata, recipes

Fill cocktail shaker ½ way with ice. This helps chill the shaker and the ingredients as you add them. Leave plenty of room for shaking, so if your shaker is small use less ice.

1 part Rum Chata Rum

1 part heavy cream

2 parts International Delight Cinnabon Creamer

¼ teaspoon of sugar

¼ teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Grip firmly, shake vigorously for 30 seconds to blend dairy products well. Typically when shaking drinks you need only employ the slow count to 10 method. Once the shaker is frosted, you are ready to strain and pour into an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sip for maximum effect.

The only problem I have with this drink is that it is so sinfully delicious that I always want more. Just like you can’t just catch one snowflake on your tongue, you can’t just drink one Dulce de la Nieve. It’s also a fantastic drink to enjoy around the holidays. It reminds me a lot of the Rompope my dad used to bring back from Mexico but lighter and sweeter. It’s a very delicate and delicious variant on eggnog, minus the eggs and incorporates some Cinnamon buns.

Now, that I am now cool and refreshed, I think I might go take a nap on this lazy summer afternoon. I deserve it and so do you!

What’s your favorite cocktail to cool down with on a hot summer’s day?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Sorry, couldn’t resist. My Mexican hot chocolate milkshake that is! A milkshake with a little Latina spin.

I decided earlier this spring that this summer was going to be the summer of fun. I wanted to give my girls the kind of summer that I had as a child; travel, spontaneous fun and lazy days of sleeping in and staying up late catching fire flies. Everything in moderation and no yelling mom moments. Life’s just too short for stressing over the little things. Eat that ice cream, put your feet in the sand and just have fun! This is my goal for my children this summer. No stress, no classes and no rigid schedules just beautiful childhood memories to last a lifetime.


I really wanted them to experience some of what I remember to be my fondest memories from childhood like riding my bike until my legs felt like they were going to fall off, swimming until I felt like I was going to collapse and giggling until my stomach hurt and watching movies under the stars. We don’t have a drive-in nearby, so we’ve improvised and made our own. We’re doing a lot of improvisation this summer and it’s been magical.

IDelight, #uniquerecipes, #Latina, Recipes


As a Latina, I was raised drinking Mexican Hot Chocolate. In fact, Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate was a breakfast staple paired with some kind of pan dulce, my favorite was the churro. We drank Mexican hot chocolate until we graduated to coffee, my other favorite thing in the world.

Mexican hot chocolate was not just served on cold winter mornings, there was just varying degrees of how hot our “hot chocolate” was served. For instance, during the summer months, we often threw a couple ice cubes into our chocolate. I realize, as an adult Mexican hot chocolate and churros is not a healthy breakfast, but it still makes me nostalgic for my childhood and why shouldn’t it be a treat once in awhile?

IDelight, #uniquerecipes, #Latina, Recipes

It’s June and I still get the craving for my Abuelita and churros, and the Big Guy and our girls love it to, so instead of making hot chocolate with lots of sugar and whole milk and topping it all off with warm churros, I decided to make Mexican Hot Chocolate Shakes with Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream International Delight creamer. Oh yes, you heard me right! When I told the girls about this idea, they freaked out.

IDelight, #uniquerecipes, #Latina, Recipes

Here is what you will need to make six 10 ounce milkshakes, so that you can share this sweet, cool treat with the whole family and whatever little friends you find at your home this summer.


· 2 cups of Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream ID creamer

· 2 package of powdered instant Abuelita hot chocolate

· 8 medium scoops of vanilla bean ice cream

· About 3 cups of ice

· Top with Whipped Cream

· Cinnamon/Sugar Mix


1. Combine the ingredients in the blender and mix until all smooth.

2. Top off with some whipped cream.

3. Lightly Dust with Cinnamon

4. Drink slowly while enjoying each other’s company

We had this sweet frozen treat while watching the World Cup USA versus Portugal soccer match. The game ended in a last minute tie but our Mexican Hot Chocolate shake topped with cinnamon made it all a little less painful.

IDelight, #uniquerecipes, #Latina, Recipes

For more great recipes check out the International Delight Pinterest Community or join the International Delight community at!

What’s your favorite childhood memory that you’d like your own children to experience?

IDelight, #uniquerecipes, #Latina, Recipes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.


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I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

Ever wonder what childhood memories are really made of? I think of lazy summer afternoons at the family cookout or summer grilling at the beach. Growing up we spent a lot of time outdoors together just being kids but life isn’t like that much these days.

Life is busy; filled with obligations and errands. The minutia seeps into our everyday and takes over where awe and inspiration are supposed to reside, like those small moments with our children. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing those moments and stopping, breathing and drinking them in; soaking myself in them and sopping them up.

I find these moments in the quiet stillness of a walk to the park holding hands with my youngest on a breezy spring day, or in the laughter of my oldest as we ride our bikes on warm summer afternoons as the shadows of the trees dance on our faces or in the smile of pride I see on my husband’s face when his girls attack a goal like their life depended on it.

Soccer has always been a part of my life. My dad played soccer, I played soccer, my brothers and sisters played soccer, my nieces and nephews play soccer and now my daughters are falling in love with the sport as well. The one similarity between my childhood and my husband’s is the love of soccer.

One of my favorite childhood memories was spending Saturdays at Cal Park in South Chicago playing soccer and my dad refereeing.  Then we’d head to the beach to play and end the afternoon with a family cookout surrounded by family and friends. I can still smell the arracherras cooking on the grill and fresh lime being squeezed into the guacamole.  I can almost taste it. Soccer, food and family have always been a part of my fondest memories. I want my daughters to have these same memories.

Kraft mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, wal-mart

This year my family will be watching the Championship soccer games with my brothers and their families. Screaming “GOOOOOLLLLL” just like we did when we were children, ending the day with good food cooked on the grill. Arracherras, anyone?

Kraft Mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, family cookout, summer grilling


We have little kids so it’s not just about the Arracherras, frijoles, guacamole and rice these days we have to add something for the little ones. My girls love Mexican food but most days they will choose Kraft Mac n Cheese over just about anything, so I headed to my local Wal-Mart and decided to combine them both to kick it up a notch. My littlest one loves spice and heat on everything so I give her what she wants. In case you were wondering if they really like it spicy. See for yourself.

To add heat to the #GolazoKraft Mac n Cheese, julienne and dice up one fresh jalapeño (for less heat remove the membranes and seeds), then I add that to the already prepared Kraft Mac n Cheese (still on the heat).  Mix in a diced clove of garlic and about cup of shredded pepper jack cheese and just to make it super creamy, add ½ cup of heavy cream. Voila creamy, cheesy, spicy mac n cheese as a side dish to spice up any cookout.  The Kids love it and so do the adults. If you need it spicier, you can always add some fire roasted habanero hot sauce.

Kraft Mac n Cheese, Capri Sun, family cookout, summer grilling

Occasionally, as a treat, I let my girls wash it down with a Capri Sun All Natural 100% juice Fruit Punch new formula in the new clear bottom pouch. I’m not a big fan of sugary juices for my girls but when they have it, I prefer something 100% juice.

Kraft mac n Cheese, Capri Sun


What food reminds you of your favorite childhood memories?


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