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Horrifying Boston Marathon Bombing Kills Two,including an 8-year-old Boy

by Deborah Cruz

boston mararthon, bombing,explosionThis Patriot’s Day the 117th Boston Marathon was bombed near the finish line. Today at 2:50 pm EST, 2 explosions went off 5- 15 seconds apart on the crowded streets in front or in the Marathon Sports Running center near the intersection of Boylston and Exeter Street leaving 23 injured and 2 dead, one an 8-year-old child, so far. The explosions happened 100- 150 yards apart. Most injured appear to be spectators. There were some 500,000 happy unsuspecting spectators waiting to cheer on their loved ones at the finish line. The 26,000 runners were running in honor of the Newton victims with a flag with 26 stars at the finish line. According to authorities, there was a third explosion at the JFK library. They are calling this an ongoing event and advising all Bostonians to stay at home and not to congregate in large crowds. I am shocked and horrified.

All those feelings that I felt on that day on September 11th when the planes crashed into the twin towers came lurching forward. My stomach got sick. I hate this vulnerable feeling, even more so now that I have children. All I can think of are those families so excited to see their loved one cross the finish line but instead they were the victims of a bombing. My heart goes out to those who have been injured and traumatized today. As runners were finishing up the race and their family and friends waiting to cheer them on, everyone enjoying this beautiful spring day when suddenly, they were blown into the scaffolding and their lives changed forever. This could happen to any of us. We never know when these things can happen. These people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn’t deserve this. They didn’t ask for this. they couldn’t have expected it.  It is reported that they were small portable bombs. Injuries sustained include severe burns, cuts from glass blown and severing limbs with two fatalities. There are many walking wounded.

boston marathon,bombing, tragedy

What’s going on? Who did this? Why did they do this? There are so many questions with no answers yet but right now, the focus is to get those hurt help. Everybody was frightened and running away, the police are running in to help those scared and injured. People are helping people. People trying to help their fellowman get as far away from the epicenter and away from the blast site and to safety. Pandemonium is everywhere. High alert is an understatement.

boston marathon, bombing

Air quality is being checked for chemical attacks. Several people were reported as being injured and many were seen with severed and detached limbs. I imagine it is a horrific scene. Since the two original explosions, it has been rumored that a controlled explosion occurred at the Lennox hotel and it was speculated that a bomb was found in the Mandarin hotel. It has been evacuated. All flights have been cancelled until further notice. Until we know what or who is responsible for this, we have to assume the worst because it has happened at such a significant, high profile event.

boston marathon, bombing

There is not much information on the Boston Marathon at this point but it feels so much like the twin towers on September 11th, 2001 that I can’t shake the anger and sadness. Please pray for those affected and injured in the explosion of today’s Boston Marathon. Pray for their safety and recovery from this unspeakable attack.

boston mararthon, bombing

For those who had loved ones in the Boston marathon trying to locate them or those who have information to share about someone in the marathon, this link might be helpful


Thanks @JEssicaGottlieb for sharing this link. I will help spread it along. Hope it helps.

Cell service has been shut down in Boston, if you are in the area PLEASE UNLOCK YOUR WIFI so people can contact their loved ones and let them know they’re safe!!!!!

***Update: At least 68 patients, including children.

***Update 6:35 p.m. est: One of the people killed in the explosion was an 8-year-old child.

***Update 7:13 est: 8-year-old victim confirmed as a little boy.

***Update 10:03 est: 10 amputations required. 3 dead and 141 wounded. 8 people in critical condition. 8 kids among the injured.

***Update 7:45 est: Just confirmed some of the families of the Newtown school massacre were in the VIP area near the bombing.Last mile of the race was dedicated to Sandy Hook victims.

**Update 7:52 est: Total at 130 injured, 2 killed, 17 are critical and 8 are children.

**Update 8:00 est: Confirmed: Boston Marathon runners for Newtown safe, finished before blasts.

**Update 10 est: 3 dead, 141 injured. 8 patients in critical condition. 10 patients required amputations. 8 of the wounded were children.


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