Deborah Cruz, The TRUTH about Motherhood, Latina,Writer, Blogger, TruthfulMommyMy name is Deborah Cruz, known online to many as @Truthful Mommy. I am a writer, a mother, a wife and a Latina. I am a social media connoisseur, reformed ninja, pro-woman, semi-crunchy, life-loving survivor of circumstances with a can do attitude. Failure is not an option. I believe that with hard work, determination and integrity absolutely anything and everything is possible in this life. That is my truth.


I live in the Midwest with the Big Guy, not to be confused with God but he lives here too. He is my husband and best friend of almost 15 years (obviously, I was a child bride). This guy still gives me butterflies when he walks into the room.


My Ballerina. My Brain. My Heart.

gabsaboutuseMy Sunshine. My Daredevil. My Joy.


Our crazy Victorian Bulldog, Lola, because why would we get a “normal” dog when we can have a 50 pound fart machine that smells of sauerkraut and thinks she’s a lap dog. Luckily for her, what she lacks in aroma, she makes up for in cuteness.

I started The TRUTH about Motherhood in 2009, when my youngest was barely 2 and my life was motherhood 24/7. I was immersed in it and treading water just to stay ahead of the dirty diapers and bumps that come with learning to walk in new shoes. My daughters have grown and so has this blog. It is no longer just my truth about motherhood, it is my truth about everything. Motherhood is just one aspect of my life, albeit the most important role I play, but not the only one.

I have a large social media footprint and I am not afraid to use it for good. I am a thoughtful consumer, a not-so-quiet activist and I hope to leave this world a better place than I found it for my girls. I write about my truth with a passion. I realize that my opinion is not the only one. I respect and welcome intelligent debate.

I have been listed on SheKnows as One of the Top 10 most Thought Provoking Blogs and as One of the Top 10 Most Inspiring blogs. I was also listed as one of the 5 best blogs you didn’t know were written by Latinas by Mamas Latinas.

I write for several esteemed online publications and have been featured on The Huffington Post, BlogHer, Scary Mommy, The Stir, Mamapedia, Everyday Family, The Broadside, Moonfrye and Que Mas, to name a few.

I love to travel and I write about my journeys and the interactions with the local people, food, and cultures I encounter. I also really enjoy photography and can almost always be seen either shooting film or video recording my children. We also love sharing the great hotels, events, restaurants and attractions that we visit. My only regret is that we don’t travel more.But stay tuned, we are planning on changing that. I want to show my girls the world and teach them to appreciate diversity in people and cultures.

My family loves its tech, toys and fashion. Sometimes I write about it. We’re a family of foodies who like adventure and value our health. We’re constantly growing and evolving, much like your family, and with each new first, I discover something new about myself. The journey is just as important as the destination.

I love to partner with great brands but I won’t write about a product, place or idea that I don’t believe in. I also don’t work for free or regurgitate press releases so please don’t ask me to. If you are interested in discussing how we can work together please check out my Media Kit/PR page.








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P.S. Do NOT steal my content.All content on The TRUTH about Motherhood is copyrighted, and as such may not be reprinted without my written consent. That includes everything on my blog ( photos, posts, hilarity, sarcasm, innuendo, my life). Basically,  if its on the blog, it is all mine, so no stealing! In other words, steal my stuff and bad karma will come around and bite you right in your ass, along with a slew of rabid attorneys! XO Truthful Mommy