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WOrld Cup 2010

I think most of the free world was glued to their seats watching the football match between Spain and the Netherlands. I was rooting for Spain, if course, the big guy was rooting for the Netherlands.I suppose it has something to do with our heritage, or perhaps, he just likes to be black to my white; up to my down! In the end, I won! We all know that I am a huge football fan and an even  bigger footballer fan! Aside from the fact that the game itself is strategic, skillful and fast paced, the footballers themselves are awesome. Not only are they fine specimens of the male anatomy, apparently they are sensitive, sexy romantics! Case in Point, Iker Caillas ( Spain’s Hottie King Captain Goalie) and hit equally as smokin girlfriend/reporter, Sara Carbonero.

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Sara Carbonero: The Royal family leaves, but Iker stays. Ehh … well, look how all began and here we are.
Iker Casillas: What should i say?
Sara: Tell me how you are, how do you feel?
Iker: I´m very happy, cheerful. We deserved this from the beggining. I can only give thanks to the people that supported me always; my parents, my brother, ( almost crying ) —-
Sara: Don’t worry, let’s talk a little about the match and later we will talk about it, no?
Iker: to my friends and you.
Sara: Take a minute to compose yourself, we can talk about that later ,ok?
Iker:No, this is what I want to do.
He swept Carbonero into his arms and kissed her on live television.

Now tell me, what’s not to love about Football? I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the 2014 parade of hotties  World Cup 2014 Brazil!  (Vuvuzuelas play in the background:)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Hey, pay attention ladies. I know you are distracted by the on fire Hotties in their undies above. These are just a few reasons to support, love and embrace soccer! Yes, I sure could embrace me some soccer right about…now! Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled programming…
I don’t consider myself a huge sports fanatic but I am an avid supporter of Chicago sports teams…Go BLACKHAWKS!!! Sniff*Sniff*I’m still on the Stanley cup high. What next? The Cubbies..breaking the curse! Oh, a girl can dream!  ( sorry, I had to give the shout out to my team who FINALLY won the Stanley!!!!)
But, aside from hockey my big love is Football “SOCCER”. I come from a long line of footballers and I swear its in our blood. My Daddy, all my uncles, My Grandpa, all my cousins, nieces and nephews and even my girls and myself…we’ve all played the sport. Hell, I even married a soccer player. So of course today, while my beloved Hawks were celebrating parade style, I was planted in front of my television watching the opening round robin games of the WORLD CUP 2010!! The only other place I could have possibly been was Soccer City in Johannesburg! That being said, I had to share with you some of the many reasons that I absolutely adore soccer and will watch it for hours on end…..

You lovely French bastard, Oui, Oui, Oui!!! Baby, a thousand times OUI!

HOOOLLLEEE SHIT! GOAL!!!! Can I be the football?

 Smooth like Barry White, baby! Soccer, you are so beautiful to me!

You can pretend that I am the ball…Please catch me!

Not my favorite..but he does kiss his wedding ring before his games. You get extra hottie points for loving your wife! Lucky bitch!

Seriously, does it get any hotter than Cristiano Ronaldo? Lord, I am burning up in here. Any of you ladies feel the heat? Well, soccer is nothing if not sexxy. Gotta go. Gotta get my beauty rest so I can watch all the hotties run around the field tomorrow! Just thinking about it is getting me all hot and bothered.

Oh , I forgot….KAKA! That’s all you need to know about this Brazilian beauty! He is smokin hot and can play his ass off!

Happy World Cup 2010! Have you hugged your soccer player today? Better get right on that! Sweet dreams, ladies! GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!

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