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the meaning of the holidays

Merry Christmas, Christmas, Santa, santa Claus

Merry Christmas from My Family to yours

Merry Christmas Eve! We’re celebrating Christmas Eve at our house, like many of you are today. I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and haven’t been able to go back to sleep. I am exhausted and I have loads to do still. That’s probably why my brain said, “Eff You Debi you have too much to do to sleep. Get your ass up!” and so I did. It’s 9 am and I am going on my second cup of coffee, third load of laundry. The dog’s been out, the garbage is on the curb, dishes are done, house swept and two Christmas movies down. I need the Christmas spirit.

Then it hit me. I’ve been wondering where my Christmas spirit has gone. Why have I not been feeling merry or cheerful? Usually, I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas cheer wishing everyone well and wanting to give the world a coke and all that stuff but not this year. Something is off.

Merry Christmas, Christmas, Christmas tree

Merry Christmas; Its the little things that mean the most!

Maybe it was the Mayans making me second-guess my sanity and taking the end of the world with a grain of salt or maybe I’m just off because of my personal losses this year, the terrible events of the last few weeks or because I’ve been so busy with obligation. Really, I think I’ve been spending so much time trying to make everything just perfect. You know, trying to make my kids’ memories all Rockwellesque when all I really need to do is make it fun and authentic.

Merry Christmas, Christmas, Gingerbread house

Kids don’t give a damn about perfect wrapping or the perfect gingerbread house or the perfectly unwrinkled Christmas outfit. All kids care about is that warm fuzzy feeling that they get when mama is singing Christmas carols and laughing. Happiness is contagious. The Christmas spirit is not something you can touch but it is something that you can definitely feel.

So, today, I am not worrying about what I did right and what I did wrong. I don’t care if the presents aren’t all perfectly wrapped. I’m not worrying that the photos with Santa aren’t perfectly centered. I don’t care that the Christmas cookies look like a small child did them. A small child did and I love those cookies more than anything. Today, I want to spend the moments listening to my girls laugh and watch as their faces light up when their daddy puts them to bed tonight.

I’ve finally gotten my Christmas spirit because I stopped long enough to remember what it is all about; family, love and being together. It’s about the people you love and maybe remembering what a truly wonderful life you have. This holiday season, I am wishing you all peace, love and happiness, peppered with lots of cuddles, kisses and hugs from those you love the most.

And remember, the elves leave for the last time tonight so be good today:)

Merry Christmas, Christmas, Elf on the shelf

Merry Christmas from our Snow Angel Making elf Rick Astley, he’s  mischievous little bastard.

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