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I Am Feminist, Watch Me Free Bleeding

Cause she’s free, free bleeding! Sorry, I just can’t get that damn Tom Petty song out of my head ever since I read that article about the woman […]
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Your Period, When God Shivs You in Your Lady Bits

Your period, that magical time of month when everything in the world irritates you. Remember when you were in 7th grade, way back before your mom […]
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How to Survive Shark Week without Someone Losing a Limb

Shark week is not my favorite week of the month. Shark week (menstruating and PMS, in case you were confused) is just one more thing that […]

Announcing the Divalicious Winner of the Diva Cup

I want to thank you all for entering to win the Diva Cup.It really is an awesome menstrual cup. You all had so many great green […]

PMS and Motherhood

PMS~ There is Premenstrual Syndrome, more aptly called the one week a month that I hate all living creatures for even having the gall to breathe, […]