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Have you gotten your copy of Blog Design for Dummies, yet? I have and it has become a permanent resource fixture on my desk since first getting it. It is a great reference and I love to check my design ideas against what the professionals suggest. I like that instant gratification of thumbing through a checklist by a trusted professional in the field.

My friend, Melissa Culbertson, of MomComm, has written and published the amazing new book, Blog Design for Dummies. Talk about the keys to the bloggy kingdom.Many of you are already aware of who Melissa is but if not, she is the awesome blogger that offers honest blog critiques that provides fabulous feedback so that you can take your blog to the next level. Whether you are a veteran blogger like myself or brand spanking new, Melissa Culbertson is the blog guru that you want to follow. Her wisdom and experience allows her to teach you how to make your blog the best version of itself in a few simple of steps.

I’ve taken her Content Brew course which offer daily lessons and tips for improving your blogging experience from content scheduling to developing engaging and thoughtful prompts to write about, as well as, her do-it-yourself blog critique e-book which I must admit that I purchased the first day it was available. She’s always provided tools for her fellow bloggers to succeed. She is a giver with a lot of blog wisdom. Now, she has written this new book, Blog Design for Dummies and it is all the advice you would ever need to make your blog design succeed. It doesn’t get much better than honest advice earned over years of experience.

The average blogger doesn’t always have the experience with design or coding to design a blog, but that doesn’t mean they have to have a design that looks unprofessional  either. The simple truth is that if your blog looks unkempt or to busy or all over the place, no one will stay to read. It’s like having a messy house or being the cat ladya nd wondering why no one wants to come over for girl’s night. Blog Design for Dummies is an easy-to-understand guide. Before you know it, it you will have the tools to establish a creative, aesthetically memorable blog that looks professional and everyone will want to hang around and read. As a long-time blogger, I can tell you that your blog design doesn’t have to cost a million dollars but there are a few simple rules that you need to follow and Melissa’s book will help you get there.

Blog Design for Dummies:

  • Provides the tools you need to understand what makes a successful blog from a design standpoint.
  • Teaches you CSS coding that can be used to create an effective blog design.
  • Aids you in making informed design decisions regarding colors, fonts, and imagery.
  • Places special emphasis on providing a site that is easy to use and navigate.

Blog Design For Dummies will allow you to have creative control of your blog. I can tell you after years of blogging, there is nothing harder than trying to communicate a design idea to a web designer without feeling like a nag and bugging the crap out of them. I am lucky, my web designer is my husband so I don’t need to worry about being charged every time I want to change something. Of course, it’s no fun telling my husband that I need him to change this and that, oh yeah, and that too. It’s hard to feel in control when every time you want to change your design you have to count on someone else to understand your vision and duplicate that on your site. With Blog Design for Dummies you will learn to create an effective blog design, apply design principles that make your site appealing and easy to use and you will learn to work with basic CSS and HTML. I love it because it’s helped me do some of my changes on my own and that is very beneficial to my relationship with my husband.

With Blog Design for Dummies you will make your blog standout with easy-to-use design techniques. This book will give you a checklist of what makes a aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate website design-wise. Blog Design by Dummies will help you keep your blog current and help you to improve readability.

My personal opinion is that Blog Design for Dummies is the must have book for anyone who blogs, veteran or newbie, or anyone who is thinking of starting a blog because it will help you make informed decisions about what works and what doesn’t in a blog design. As bloggers, we write so people will read but if you don’t build an easy to use and smart looking blog, readers might come but they won’t stay.

Go buy it now! You can get your very own copy here.

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