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A Girl and Her Grandpa

Imagine explaining racism to a child when they learned about it for the first time when someone was making fun of their grandfather from another country. […]

Elf on A Shelf run Amuck

Elf on a Shelf Run Amuck~ Last year, we  I decided that I wanted to start the whole Elf on the Shelf tradition with my girls.Of […]

Don’t mess with my kid or I may( or may not) make you my Bitch

Bella has been in kindergarten now for two weeks, tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, its been an adjustment for all of us. Bella wants to […]

Daddy the superhero

Every morning, I keep seeing the Mommies attached to their hysterical children, clinging to their legs/waists for dear life and sobbing uncontrollably.And every morning, I thank […]

You are what you think you are!

I have found this to be very true in my life; if you change your attitude,and change your perspective you will in effect change your life […]