Things heard around my house today

After my Throat Punch Thursday; Taking it up the rear edition, I needed a little something to smile about. So, I am sharing with you some […]


We all know  my girls say the craziest things, especially me 5 year old. Here are 3 from the last 24 hours.Enjoy!Me(on the phone with my […]

The things that come out of her mouth

As we are playing on the swing set in our back yard, I am telling my girls they have 5 minutes left before we go in […]

“Stinky Old Peopleness”

So, I just walked out of the shower and was promptly attacked by the overwhelming scent of too much perfume. Apparently, my 2  year old had […]

Hey,Look at that Fat Girl

Let me preface this by saying, I am so paranoid about my girls developing body issues that if you ask them ,”What are you?” Their standard […]