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Are Alpha Women the Reason So Many Marriages Are Failing?

Do you think as Alpha Women are taking back their “bossy” and leaning in so hard that maybe we are forcing men out? Are Alpha Women responsible […]
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They Said til Death Do Us Part

There was one thing that scared me a bit in 2013; Divorce. There sure were a lot of people getting divorced. Even people who you thought […]

Would You Prefer Divorce Over being a Stay-at-Home Mom?

I’ve heard some pretty outlandish things but what I heard on the radio the other morning had to be in the top three.  A recent survey […]
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Separation~When Together is no Longer an Option

Separation is more than the space between two people I am blessed that my heart is now a stranger to separation. Life is not always what I […]

Friendly Flirting or is Facebook the Top Reason for Divorce?

Facebook is a time machine to your past I ran into a situation on Facebook last week that was foreign to me. It was as foreign […]

Throat Punch Thursday Coward Husband Edition

https://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/apps/cvp/3.0/swf/cnn_416x234_embed.swf?context=embed&videoId=bestoftv/2010/07/08/ac.gupta.abbie.dorn.tease.cnn As a Mother, this video saddened me beyond belief. To go through a pregnancy and then during labor , have your uterus nicked and to […]