What do You do when your Kid Doesn’t Match your Shoes or your Bag?

Seen a parent who uses their kids as accessories? Sounds crazy, right? I mean, who wants an accessory that makes such a mess. Parenting is a […]
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Dead Gorilla Proves Racists Love to Hate

The crazy people of the internet went from a polarizing hatred toward me over the Cincinnati zoo gorilla and my opinion of Michelle Gregg to straight […]
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Parents who Send Sick Kids to School You’re the Worst

Do not send sick kids to school! I repeat, do not do it! I recently read an article in which a parent was asking that schools […]
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If Your Kid is Fat, It’s Probably Your Parenting Fail

If you think childhood obesity is not a real thing, then you would be wrong. It is alive and well in suburbia. They say a picture […]
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Ugly babies in the Cradle,Pretty at the Table

Let’s talk about the old saying, “ugly babies in the cradle, pretty at the table.” I had never heard of it and quite frankly, took great […]