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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with the Atom Tickets app but all opinions are my own.

My family and I love to go to the movies. It’s a way to get away from life; like a mini vacation from the minutia of everyday life. Not saying our lives aren’t exciting or anything but, let’s be honest, we’re not exactly jumping out of airplanes over here.

It’s a quick, easy escape when we just don’t have the time or funds to jet off to someplace exotic because if you know me at all, you know, I am all about traveling the world. The wanderlust is strong with this freckled Mexican.

Anyways, there is something inherently fantastic about buying a ticket, sitting next to someone you love or (if you are like me when I was pregnant) going it completely alone. There was something beautifully relaxing and peaceful about being transported to a different space and time, even if for just a couple hours. It reminds me that possibilities are endless.

If you are a reader, you totally get what I am talking about. It’s about getting out of yourself and leaving all of your worries, stresses and adult responsibilities behind. It’s a vacation from reality and we all are in desperate need of one from time to time.

Friends, I was thrilled when I learned about the Atom Tickets app.

atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movie

Atom Tickets is a new movie ticketing platform where customers can buy movie tickets, pre-order concessions, invite friends without having to pay for them, easily discover new movies, browse trailers, read reviews, and plan their next night out at the movies, all from within the app. There are no paper tickets and no hassling with IOUs. Customers simply use their phone to purchase tickets and concessions and, upon arriving at the theater, skip the line at the box office and walk directly to the ticket attendant or concession counter, where they scan the QR code on their phone. For families, that means no more waiting in line with kids and no more waiting outside for others to arrive. This free app is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.


atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movie

Let me tell you something about me, as much as I love going to the movies. I hate the rigmarole of getting there. It’s exhausting. First, you have to get the kids organized and out the door and with minimal bickering or tantrums and then you have to survive waiting in line for tickets and then another one for concessions. Dude, have you tried taking a preschooler to see an animated movie only to have him be so aggravated and tired by the time you get to about ½ hour in that they have an epic meltdown? It is not pretty.


atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movie

I like to eliminate the opportunity for things to go wrong; children to meltdown and whatever other plagues might want to befall me before I make it to my cinematic oasis so I love anything that makes that process less complicated. That’s what Atom Tickets does. It makes this mom’s life easier. So, if you are into things being easier, you may want to check them out.

atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movieAlso, if your children are like mine, they have been waiting for the Power Rangers movie to be released. I won’t lie, the Big Guy and I were pretty stoked, as well. We’re human we get invested in the shows our kids make us watch on repeat. I still have a special place in my heart for the Wiggles. Anthony…call me!

atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movieAnyways, if your kids want to see the Power Rangers Movie this is the best weekend because this weekend if you use the the Atom Tickets app for every 1 adult ticket that you purchase, you get 2 free childrens tickets. If you’re counting, that’s free movies with the kids! Just be sure to use the Promo Code FAMILYPOWER from April 14-April 16, 2017 upon checkout and voila, free movie!

atom tickets ,movies, power rangers movie

If you are looking for some quality family time on this three-day weekend, why not take the kids to see the Power Ranger Movie? Invite your friends and family, pre-order concessions, reserve your seats, purchase your tickets and then spend a relaxing day at the movies.

Have you ever tried the Atom Tickets app? What are you waiting for?

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