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Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold please dont eff the help, www.motherhoodthetruth.com

So, I keep seeing the headlines that Arnold Schwarzenegger has fathered a lovechild with one of the long time members of the family staff. There are so many issues with this but let’s just say he’s a politician and an actor so really, shouldn’t the real shock be that he has supposedly been monogamous for 25 years?

arnold please dont eff the help, www.motherhoodthetruth.com

As a wife and a mother, I can imagine how betrayed Maria Shriver must feel. She has supported this moron throughout his entire political career and not only has he screwed around, the asshole had a “love child” and still had the woman working for him. They say she was staff, what does that mean? Was she his cook? Maid? Official fluffer? The seriously earth shattering part, for Maria, I would imagine is that this lady has been in her house, in her life, under her nose the entire time…looking her straight in the face, lying to her..just like Arnold.

I don’t know their situation or their marriage, no one ever really knows what goes on between a couple behind closed doors. I do have a feeling that this all played out in the chronology it did for a reason. The Governorship is a thing of the past, Maria leaving his side ,while it may be emotionally incapacitating ( or not) it can no longer hurt him politically. Is he tired of the marriage? Was his conscience too much to live with the indiscretion any longer? Was he so in love with the staff member that he just needed to move forward with her? Was it guilt and obligation to the ‘lovechild’ I mean, who knows. Even the connotation of a lovechild is offensive, when you think of it in context. He was a married man, this was not just a roll in the hay. Lovechild infers that he wanted to be there, there was a relationship even an intent to procreate. How insulting and disrespectful is that to his wife, the legitimate mother of his children? I always find it selfish when a partner reveals their indiscretions because, honestly, if you are not going to keep it in your pants…the only benefit of telling your partner is to alleviate the guilt that the adulterer feels. It NEVER heals the one that’s been cheated on. So, to be clear cheating is a selfish thing and to reveal your indiscretions is just a deeper layer of betrayal and selfishness. Arnold, if you can’t be faithful, at least keep it to yourself and show a little discretion, man.

I just think it is a pretty low class move to reveal this all to the public in such a timed fashion. It makes it seem like he used her all along for her political clout, which may or may not be the case. After all, she is from a long bloodline of political powerhouses.Or he was just waiting for his term to end so that he could leave the marriage. Either way, I really hope that Maria moves forward and comes out the other end of this awful situation, stronger than ever, with at least half of his shit and makes a bold political move herself.

And Arnold, Please don’t Eff the help!

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