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Have you heard of the Zya App? Neither had I. But then again, I don’t usually play many games online unless it’s Candy Crush or online casino games on 메리트카지노. Most of my game playing these days is limited to checkers and Rock Band marathons. We love music so when I heard about Zya, it sounded perfect for my girls.


Zya is a revolutionary new music game that allows anyone to create hit songs on their iPhones and iPads.

I particularly love it if we’re traveling with little ones. Give them a pair of headphones and let them go crazy. Give them the headphones or you will be the crazy one by the end of the trip.

My girls love it. It’s like their very own Rock Band game and they don’t have to wait for Mommy and Daddy to play guitar and drums because they can select their very own band. My girls love that they can sing duets with their famous artists and their hit songs like Blurred Lines, She Will Be Loved, Poker Face, and many others. They choose the songs, their band mates, instruments and what they want them to sound like. My girls are at the age where they really enjoy those games that allow you to style Barbie, so being able to choose what their avatars look like and how they sound is right up their alley.

photo 4 photo 3 zya

It’ super simple to use and your kids, even the 4-year-olds will be able to figure out how to create music in a few easy steps. With autotune available no one will ever sound tone deaf ever again. It’s cool because it gives the kids a tangible outcome that they can show off to Grandma and Grandpa.


My girls are both musically inclined and love to sing and perform so this game is perfect for them. It gives them a creative outlet to play with and develop new music and sounds. They love the choices and different versions of favorite songs they can create. Here is a one of their creations.

Have you used the Zya app?


Disclaimer: I was compensated for reviewing this product but all opinions are my own.

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