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Wireless baby monitor hacked

Throat Punch Thursday,fcatherine schaible, herbert schaible, faith healing, fundamentalist christian,PhiladelphiaDid you know that a wireless baby monitor could be hacked? Did you use audio monitors when your children were babies? I did. In fact, I couldn’t have slept at all in the past 8 years without mine; sleeping in the same room was getting old. Now, video monitors and wireless cams are all the rage, the norm even, in baby monitoring. Technology has come so far, why wouldn’t we take advantage of the opportunity to go wireless and high-tech? Well, here is the reason and it might have you completely freaked the fuck out.

Talk about creepy and Throat Punch worthy, some freak hacked an Internet-based wireless video baby monitor of a young family with two small children in Houston. In the last two years, Marc Gilbert and his wife, Lauren, have come to depend on their Internet-based video monitors to watch over their two toddlers when they are in their bedrooms but over last weekend someone else was watching the little girls in their rooms too. This is truly the shit all parents’ nightmares are made of.

Marc Gilbert says he and his wife heard a detached voiced saying sexual things to their two-year-old daughter and it was coming from her room. What the ….????

The couple, like most, have come so dependent on the monitors that they feel like they can’t live without it but they may have changed their mind after what happened. I would imagine it would leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed; unsafe in your own home.

“It felt like somebody broke into our house,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert says he heard a voice in his daughter’s room from down the hall. As he and his wife got closer, what was being said got more explicit and more vulgar. Can you imagine hearing a man’s voice with a British accent coming from within your toddler girl’s bedroom, knowing damn well that no one should be in there and definitely not a Brit with an X-rated vocabulary shouting obscenities at your baby!

“The voice said, ‘Wake up Allyson, you little (expletive),'” Gilbert said.

And he knew it was coming from the camera. CREEPY! Worse still, when he walked in the room the camera followed him, obviously controlled by the pedophile pervert who snuck into his toddler’s bedroom via the camera and was harassing his daughter.

wireless video monitor, wireless monitor hacked

Gilbert immediately pulled the plug on the camera and started doing research. I personally would have ripped that sucker out of the wall and moved. Oddly enough, he did NOT call the police. He believes someone hacked his router and the camera. The assumption by Marc Gilbert is that the person could see Allyson’s name on the bedroom wall and that’s how he called her by her name. Myself, I would be paranoid that the freak knows where we live; where we go and has maybe even been in proximity of the house and the child.

The only saving grace is that Allyson never heard a thing. She was born deaf. She has cochlear implants but has them off at night and slept through the whole disgusting ordeal.

I don’t know about you but the whole idea of wireless Internet cameras has left a bad taste in my mouth after this story. We have daughters and were thinking of installing wireless cameras in the house as a security measure but hell; this makes it sound more like a liability. Instead of protecting our children from outside intruders, these wireless cameras are an open window for any pedophile with basic hacking knowledge. Secure your networks as much as you can; your children’s lives may depend on it.

So this weeks Throat Punch goes to the creepy ass Brit pedophile who was verbally abusing a deaf toddler.

Do you use a wireless video monitor? Does this make you reconsider knowing this wireless video monitor was hacked?

Now, that I have sufficiently scared you to death. Here is something to make you smile!

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