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Veronica Partridge

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I read the post Veronica Partridge, Oregon mom and wife, wrote after having a conversation about sexy yoga pants and how when women wear them “it creates a stronger attraction for a man to look at a woman’s body and may cause them to think lustful thoughts” and her choice to stop wearing yoga pants so that she would no longer be a part of the downfall off mankind; her and her ass that is.

Okay, so maybe it sounds like I’m making fun of Veronica Partridge and her moral dilemma with wearing yoga pants but I’m actually not. She is a grown woman and if she doesn’t want to wear yoga pants that is her choice. In fact, there are many women who should not be wearing yoga pants in public…myself included but I choose to do it anyways. I’m a rebel that way.

No seriously, the yoga pant situation is completely a choice between herself, her husband and her God. My husband and my God both say, “Hey Debi, wear what you want to because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The world will not fall because your ass is visible through your Lulumons.” Fabletics, thank you very much.

My issue however is that this woman believes that her ass can take down mankind. Worse still, she feels that it is her personal responsibility to save the world …protect men. It’s like a rape victim blaming herself for being victimized. Hey, lady, I think it’s noble that you want to keep yourself and your * ahem* body for your husband’s eyes only. That is awesome but as far as women being responsible for men’s deviant thoughts. Hell no! Don’t put that on me or you or any other woman. Men are responsible for their own actions. You are making yourself a scapegoat.

Your husband told you because you asked but let’s be real; men need to know how to control their urges. You say you want to be a good example for your daughter. Morally, I think you’ve got it covered but come on, you’re teaching her to believe that if she wears the wrong clothes and gets sexually assaulted, she deserves it. What you wear should have nothing to do with how men react. They need to control themselves. End of story.

So, Veronica go on with your bad self. I’ve tried to quit yoga pants a few times but it just wouldn’t stick. Turns out, when I wear my yoga pants it’s because they are comfortable and I couldn’t care less what men think. I wear my clothes for me. Now, if I were going outside naked, then yeah, that would be disrespectful to my marriage. If I were wearing lingerie down Michigan Avenue at rush hour, yes, that would be exploiting my female body for attention. But I can’t worry about how what I do affects every man in the street because that is simply not my problem.

One last thing Veronica, you may have quit the yoga pants because you don’t want to entice men into having lustful thoughts about you but what’s stopping your husband (and every other man in the world) from seeing women in yoga pants and having lustful thoughts? The only ones who can control those lustful thoughts are the men.

Do you believe that if women stop wearing yoga pants we can save ourselves from unwanted advances of men?

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