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trangendered man murdered

Thapelo Makutle

Throat Punch Thursday~Thapelo Makutle

Thapelo Makutle; Transgendered Pageant Winner Murdered

Poor unsuspecting Ms.Gay pageant winner Thapelo Makutle was murdered in his home last Friday. Apparently, in South Africa the men don’t like their pageant winners to be of the penis having persuasion.Thapelo Makutle, 23 of Kuruman, was murdered last Friday by two men who had been arguing with Mr.Makutle about his sexuality. Why this was any of their business in the first place, I have no idea. Thapelo Makutle was openly gay and recently started identifying himself as transgendered. The two men allegedly followed Thapelo Makutle back to his room, broke down the door and slit his throat so severely that he was nearly beheaded. Saturday he was found dead. You do the math. Sounds more like a bad episode of Law and Order, right? How can people still be so ignorant and intolerant at this point in history?

A friend of Thapelo Makutle, Shaine Griqua, the director of Legbo Northern Cape, a nonprofit that provides sexual health education, released a statement saying that witnesses had seen Thapelo’s body, and that his genitalia had been “severed and inserted into his mouth.”

Thapelo Makutle

Thapelo Makutle victim of a hate

Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with people? Why can’t we all just live and let live? Is it so hard to share the space with someone who is not your carbon copy? Aren’t the differences what make life interesting? This crime is sickening. Some mother’s child has been snatched from her life for no other reason than some asshole has a low tolerance threshold for who someone else chooses to love. Small child, newborn or grown child, the weight of the loss still crushes a mother’s heart.

My throat punch goes in general to all the bigots of the world who go through life bulldozing others with their hate, all the while perpetuating the lies and spreading the hate of their own heart. More specifically, my throat punch goes to the two men who killed a young man for no other reason than who he was predisposed to love. He could choose who he loved or who he was, no more than any of us can choose the color of our skin, the people in our family or the color of our eyes. May these two monsters live to endure the same treatment they gave Thapelo Makutle.

May the family of Thapelo Makutle have peace in their heart knowing that he will never have to endure such hate or pain again and may Thapelo Makutle rest in peace.

**Let me stop you before you think that I take someone being murdered or hate crimes lightly, I do not. I think those assholes who perpetrate such heinous crimes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then be strung up and beaten with a bat like the empty, soulless vessels of hate they are. Thapelo Makutle may your death resonate with the world and may people’s intolerance for bigots grow larger than their intolerance of difference.


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