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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

When I was 13, I noticed the space between my teeth getting tight and it freaked me out. I begged my parents for braces. I was willing to do whatever it took to get them fixed. I’d endure all the “Trap Jaws” and “Tin grins” my little brother could throw my way, just to have a beautiful smile. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with my teeth; protecting them and keeping them healthy. I guess it’s hard not to be when you spend nearly 2 years of your life fixating on maintaining your oral health. This led to a lifetime habit of meticulous oral hygiene.

I have daughters of my own now who are 7 and 9-years-old. One is losing teeth while the other is wearing braces. They are at vastly different stages of life on their oral health journey.

Orajel, #Orajel, #Smilestones, Smilestones, oral health, Sponsored, first teeth

Both girls have been going to see the dentist since they were 2 and always get their regular 6-month check-ups. They have been using #Orajel products since before they had teeth. It started with Orajel teething gel and then baby Orajel tooth and gum cleanser with no fluoride. Next, as teeth came in, we started using Orajel Flouride-Free Training Toothpaste and now, with most of their permanent teeth in their mouth, the girls are using Orajel Bubble Guppies Anitcavity Fluoride Toothpaste. The most ironic thing about it all, the 9-year-old with the braces uses Orajel teething gel to alleviate some of the pain from newly tightened braces. We’ve come full oral health circle.


Orajel, #Orajel, #Smilestones, Smilestones, oral health, Sponsored, braces, orthodontureThe girls like using Orajel products because they are familiar to them, like an old friend.

I like that they are using products that I have come to trust over the years; products that I have used since I was child.

We are serious about teaching them the importance of taking care of their teeth. I stress how important flossing and brushing regularly are because once you lose those baby teeth you only get one more set so you have to protect your smiles.

Orajel wants to celebrate your child’s smiling milestones – or “Smilestones.” Share your favorite Smilestones  in the Smilestones Photo Contest. Entry period between May 8-June 10 at noon PST on https://on.fb.me/1mFhyj2 . Enter your photos from baby’s first tooth, to child’s first day of school and every lost tooth and set of braces that follow and you can be entered to win a grand prize trip for a family of four to Beaches Resorts. Now, that’s a reason to smile!

Orajel, Orajel Kids, sponsored post

How do you help your children develop healthy dental hygiene habits?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

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