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You hear about people matching their clothing, home interior and cars to their personality, but what about your career? It makes sense to dress in a way that feels suited to your personality, but it makes more sense to choose a career that perfectly fits who you are as a person.

In fact, more people need to be chasing a career that is a good match for their traits, preferences and motives. Like seriously, where was this information when I was meeting with my university advisors. But, better late than never, as my daughter is now making her career choice at university.

When you’re choosing your career it’s important to consider all aspects of your personality at the same time. A holistic approach to life is always a good idea.  I’ve always heard the saying, “choose to do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Obviously, that’s not true, tbh, you’ll work harder than you ever thought possible ( especially if you’re working for yourself) but you won’t be so miserable because you’ll be doing something you love. That’s the key.

These choices will keep you happy while working your butt off, and you’ll be more likely to get along with the people on your team because you’re just happy to be there. Whether you’re an introvert looking for a job with independence or an extrovert seeking a chance to be a leader, here are a handful of reasons why your personality is so important when it comes to solidifying your career path.

You Will Enjoy What You Do

You deserve to go through life enjoying all aspects of your career and truly loving what you do. It can bring you so much more motivation and joy when you are personally well-suited to your chosen career path. Learning more about Strong-Interest Inventory will give you a better idea of how people match their interests to their career, educational paths and more. After all, doing something that you actually care about and align with can bring you much more happiness in the long run. Now would be the ideal time to delve deeper into your hobbies, favorite subject matters and personal background so that you can uncover a career that is well-suited to you in every sense.

You Will Fit Into The Workplace

Feeling part of a community in your workplace is something that will help you to connect with the people around you. If you surround yourself with others who are similar to you, it’s likely that you’ll form strong friendships and successful working relationships with them too. If you’re a loud and outgoing person, it may be likely for you to go into the media or communications industry. However, if you’re a more private person you may prefer a role in accounting or IT. It’s clear to see that there are certain career paths that will be more suited to you than others.

You Will Experience Much More Success

If you fit into your chosen industry seamlessly you will instantly have more confidence. When you have confidence in yourself, you are, therefore, much more likely to experience more success along the way. When it comes to finding the perfect career for your personality, it’s important to look beyond the career as a whole and focus on the actual day to day role. If your personality traits are aligned with these tasks, you are much more likely to find success.

You Will Be More Productive 

You will naturally be better at a job role that is well suited to your personality. This not only gives you the natural skills to succeed, but it also helps you to be more productive and motivated too. Productivity is key to when you’re hoping to have a thriving career that is full of opportunities. Usually, there is only one reason why a person may be lacking in productivity, and this is because of a dip in their skills or lowered interest in their actual field of work.

You’ll Discover More About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Learning more about yourself will provide you with so many more opportunities when it comes to career progression. Discovering your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses as you navigate your chosen career path will help you to improve in all areas. Knowing what you need to work on can give you a huge step forward in every aspect of your career, and it creates a huge level of self awareness along the way too. Developing a clear action plan will help you to discover the best options for your career so that you can make the next step forward. Any weaknesses that you discover along the way can be enhanced through courses, practicing and coaching. Honing in on any skill and working on any shortfalls is a positive step towards finding a career that is well suited to your personality.

When you take the time to consider all of your personality traits when you’re looking for a job, you will soon find that your career satisfaction increases and your overall happiness improves too. Hopefully, you have the tools, ideas and inspiration to make the right choice for you and your future career.

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