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Now that Blogger has stopped acting like a complete asshole! OMG..I was totally fiending to post last night and Blogger decided to hold my blog hostage..no posting allowed. Not fair! Boo!!! OK, now that that’s out of the way. I’m sorry , it had to be said!
I spend my days immersed in my children; their lives, their activities, their wants,their needs. That’s what us Mommies do, right? I love it..most of the time but it doesn’t leave much time for a social life. I am all about Mommy Nights Out, friendship, sisterhood. I won’t pass up a good friend, coffee and conversation on the deck. A long walk , talking with a good girlfriend. Oh my good, can it get any better than that? Or maybe, some cocktails and tapas, where you have a few hours to just really be yourselves and talk about anything and everything. My God, in these days, I am sufficiently satisfied with  a great text conversation or IM session. We take what we get and we don’t get upset. That’s my 5 year olds mantra. I have adopted it , as well. The main point being that we women, and even more so once you become a Mommy, we really need our friendships. These are the women who can see past the poop, spit up, disheveled hair, work out clothes, no makeup, cereal fixing for dinner days and see us as human beings and not just Mommies. They are what tethers our sanity and sustains us when we are looking into the jaws of hell with a colicky newborn, a tantrum prone toddler, or a Ms. Sassy pants kindergartner. They are who see us for who we really are…not just a woman but…insert your name here!
I do have a few fantastic friends, a couple are even local but most are spread all over the country. This, I must say, sucks! I have found myself in a very odd predicament lately. I don’ get to travel very much , just because of the constant chaos that is my life and the aforementioned immersion into the girls world, so most communication has been maintained through the internet and/or my new bestest friend..my Iphone ( oh, how I love that bitch!). So, its really no wonder or even great stretch of the imagination that since I was already communicating with my friends via technology that I soon found myself relating stories to my husband and referring to my “friends”. My husband, nosy asshole that he is, always asks, “Who are you talking about?” Me: “My friend, you don’t know them!” (yeah, because I get out so much and have so many friends that he has never met). He persists and I realize that I have to reveal that the “friend” to which I am referring is a fellow blogger. He finds this hysterical . I can see the condemnation in his eyes, followed by the ” you poor sad girl you have no real friends” look. Then I feel ashamed because its sorta like revealing that your “best friend” is imaginary or the “boyfriend” you spent your sophomore summer with is actually a picture from a magazine. Oh the horror.
But really, its not like that at all, is it? I speak to you daily, with the exception of the weekends which I reserve for my family. I tell you my intimate secrets, and you tell me yours..probably over coffee ( in our own houses but I am sure coffee or cocktails are probably involved at least some of the time). Hell, you know things about me that my own family doesn’t know..because you are here and you listen. You’re such good listeners. I wish all my friends listened as well. I mean, I have to take your word for it that you are not Elvis-impersonating, hookah-smoking, spray-on-cheese-eating, sequined-pants-wearing, organ-peddling, identity-stealing 287-year-old cyborgs ( to learn more about that please go read this hilarious post by Naomi  at organicmotherhoodwithcoolwhip.com)  .
Of course you’ve got to take my word for it that I’m not a Benny Hill wannabee, slathered up in honey and feathers, rubbing my head while writing my posts about my imaginary children. Nah, You know I’m not..who could make this shit up?

I guess what I am really trying to say is Thank you to my bloggy friends for sharing and listening, and thank you to my besties who I have met in person…for reading my blog, knowing my flavor of crazy,and sticking around anyway! What would I do without you all? So, keep the stories coming and when I relate them to my husband …I’ll just use your name and not your..@.com 🙂 Happy Mothering to all my friends!

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