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Election, Election What’s Your Function

Tomorrow is Election Day. This year is no joke. I am frightened. History hangs in the balance. This is a history making  election. I’ve been seeing […]
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It doesn’t matter if You are an Ass or an Elephant, this Election is about Humans

This election is a game changer. I’ve been sucked in, once again. I never think of myself as overly political. Yes, I am technically a political scientist. […]
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President Barack Obama Says its Ok to Eat Seafood after the Oil Spill

I don’t believe everything people tell me, even if it’s President Barack Obama telling me to eat seafood from a gulf where we’re still cleaning oil […]

Sex Ed for Kindergarteners?

 I saw this on CNN  ( obviously, my new favorite online hot spot  as you can plainly see from my recent posts. I may have a […]

Irate Mama

OK,so I live by Notre Dame University. Most of you are aware of the current controversy of President Obama delivering the commencement speech. The reason that […]