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New Year + New Perspective + Gratitude + Positivity = Happiness

It’s January 2, 2019 and I am finally physically (and mentally) released from restrictions. New Year + New Perspective + gratitude = Happiness! This is what […]
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Best Tech to Help You Get Healthy in the New Year

Time to get healthy. It’s that time of year again when I’m not quite sure what day it is and my jeans no longer fit. Even […]
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Blog Like No One is Reading

Discombobulated. Exhausted. What time is it? What day is it? Wow! I am in the throes of one of the worst Christmas hangovers I’ve ever experienced. It’s […]

New Year, New Perspective

A miracle has happened. I’d call it a Christmas miracle, but it happened after Christmas so I will call it my 2013 miracle. What a way […]
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Resolving to Incite the Revolution of 2012

I originally posted Resolving to Incite a Revolution last January. It was a great reminder of things I wanted to do in the upcoming year. I […]
REVOLUTION, word of the year, year of the word, resolution

Resolving to Incite a Revolution

I am way past the point of making resolutions.After all, what the hell is a resolution anyways, nothing more than an empty promise, a flimsy threat at the most.Nope this year, I am declaring war. I’m inciting a revolution.I am resigning myself to a little shock and awe!*No MORE Cheating! You heard me. I don’t [...]

What a Difference a Decade makes

As I sit here on the precipice of a new decade, I can’t help but reflect on the past 10 years. Ten years ago, I was celebrating my second New Year’s eve as a married woman; the still newly dubbed Mrs. Beck. We were living in North Carolina for the first time ever. I was [...]