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my girls

My little fashionista! You can always tell when they dress themselves!

Strike a pose!

Part Good night Cleveland; part Oh what a feeling …Toyota!

Show Mama your Zoolander face!

Look at the little one..look at all that sass! No wonder the Modeling agencies wan to represent these girls!

Give me your best gangsta swagger ,little one! Big Sis..you keep on with the oh what a feeling pose!

Oh shit! Its the Saturday Night Fever walk…”ah, ah, ah, ah..Stayin’ Alive, Staying Alive!”

Seriously Mom, my fashion sense is beyond reproach.
Hey, Little girl, Minnie Pearl called and she wants her clothes back!

Warning: Only tiny divas can pull off such cracked out ensembles. Grown women, please do not try this at home lest you want to be ridiculed and mocked forevermore by your children!

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