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I Shaved my 7-Year-old

Last fall, I received a personal laser hair removal system because I’d already shaved myself silly for the past 30 years and waxing hurts my feelings. My […]
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What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Kid’s Behaving Badly?

Yesterday was the much anticipated parent/teacher meeting with the teacher who doesn’t pay attention about the bully situation. I was ready to lay into this teacher who […]
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What to do when Your Child is Depressed

Could Your Child be Depressed? Can young children be depressed? I’ve come to realize something very important, 2nd grade is a turning point in a child’s […]

Ballerinas behaving Badly

Today, Bella came out of ballet very upset that one of the little girls in the class was ignoring her.Apparently, there was an incident a couple […]