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Krim family

Krim, Krim family, Marina Krim, Kevin Krim, Lucia Krim, Leo Krim

Krim, Krim family, Marina Krim, Kevin Krim, Lucia Krim, Leo Krim

This has been an awful week and now the Krim children have been brutally murdered by their nanny. I am emotionally and physically spent. The events of the week have usurped me of all that I had to offer. I had planned on writing something light and funny today but his week was so devastating that I had not one but two Throat Punches and, to be honest, I could have had a dozen. There is just so much horror in reality these days. I read about  no less than 5 children who were killed this week or whose bodies were found and it scares me to death, and it makes me afraid to raise my children in this world.

The latest tragedy, as many of you have heard, is that of the Krim family.

By all accounts, Marina and Kevin Krim were living the dream. Good marriage, good life, and great kids and then something went terribly wrong. A horrible person did a terrible thing that has changed the Krim family forever. My heart is breaking for these parents. I can not even write words to convey what I am feeling for them. I’m not rehashing the gory details of what happened to the Krim family last night. That is not what this is about. What this is about is the fact that there are so many parents losing their children, in so many different ways. Children are killing children and children are being murdered by complete strangers and even by loved ones. We never know who we can trust. But as parents, we do the absolute best we can for our children. We love them and we hope they grow up. And we pray that they turn out okay.

I wrote this week’s  Throat Punch  Thursday post about what happened to Autumn Pasquale at the hands of Dante and Justin Robinson. I expressed my sorrow at what had happened to this child, my sympathy for the mother of the boys who committed the crime and empathy for what she had to do in choosing to do the right thing and turn her boys in. I certainly think the boys deserve to be punished. They killed someone’s child and I expressed that very openly in my post and then I read the Facebook comments. I was shocked and appalled at how people were reacting. In a moment in time when two sets of parents had lost their children, when the world needed to show compassion and sympathy, the comment section showed blind hatred, judgment and racism and,quite frankly, ignorance and now I read that people are speculating and judging the Krim family in their darkest hour.

People are making these same blind judgements with half the facts and little to no compassion in the Krim case. Leave them alone. Pray for them. They are in pain. These parents lost their children. Life has been irrevocably altered and shattered for the Krim family. The grief of losing a child is deadly. It makes you want to stop. It makes you want to die with them. You are not in your right mind. You are forced to grasp at the only shred of normalcy that you can find because you will never be normal again. You are now damaged and your heart will forever be wounded beyond repair. It doesn’t matter how or when you lost your child, this wound is the same. You are broken. So,  o all the assholes out there saying..”check out your nannies more thoroughly”, “Spend more time with your kids” “be a better parent.” I say, Shut the fuck up to those people! Because anything any one of you are thinking of blaming on these parents of these children, they have already thought it. They have already tried to find reason in this horrible thing, where there is absolutely none. They did the best they could. We can not protect our children from every single thing or crazy person that the world throws at us. Try as we may and believe me we all try. This could have happened to any of us. We can not control the world.

So tonight, I am not asking for throat punches or revenge or punishment or a pound of flesh. I am asking for prayers for parents, for peace in their heart for the courage to carry on when no parent should have to. Pray that their children’s souls are at rest. Pray for the family left behind to suffer the wound, that they may someday once again know peace in their hearts. Pray for a better world to raise your own children and pray for the strength to know better than to pass judgment on parents who are in so much pain that they can barely breathe.

Tonight, my prayers are being lifted up in the name of the Krim family and if you are of the praying kind, I hope that yours are too.

photo credit: ulisse albiati via photopin cc

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