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kid giving themselves haircuts

self inflicted haircut, hair cut

The First haircut is the Deepest~ this is an understatement of epic proportions. My Gabs was born with a thick head full of curly jet black hair. In fact, when she came into the world and was placed into my arms I teetered on sanity between laughing hysterically at those beautiful ringlets and crying from absolute joy and relief. I’m sure that I appeared a but Dr.Jeckyll/Mrs.Hyde but it was what it was. Gabs is my little Rapunzel , that glorious hair of hers  has always knotted flowed down her little back at about half the size of her entire being. Obviously, her hair has lightened up and those jet black ringlets are now much straighter but one fact has always remained, her hair has always been thick and long.

Imagine my surprise at bedtime last Thursday when as I was rounding the girls  up and tucking them in, I spied a rather large chunk of hair…on the floor. Both girls have exactly the same color and they both have really long hair, almost to their waist. Immediately, I embark on the task of discovering who is the scissor wielding culprit and who the unsuspecting victim are in the scenario. Both girls emphatically deny that the hair on the floor belongs to them or that they even have any knowledge of what has occurred. Apparently, they didn’t realize the fact that I my 20/20 vision and 147 IQ would tell me otherwise. Perhaps they have me confused with someone more oblivious, perhaps the Big Guy.

It only took me a minute or two to realize that Gabs was the victim. I must confess that it was not as conspicuous as I would have thought from the ever mounting copious amounts of hair I found strewn about the floors, in room after room. In fact, I began to wonder if I had another child who I had misplaced.

And so the interrogation began. I was certain Bella must have talked her little sister into it. But after much begging and crying ( on the part of all parties involved) and perhaps under the threat of Mommy shaving all hair off of both girls..a confession was elicited. Perhaps not admissible in court, but damn it…Mommy caught her culprit hair in hand…or I should say in the bathroom wastebasket as it were,and the kids scissors used in the crime were hidden carefully on the bookshelf between two books. I believe it was the children’s bible and Tangled. Suspicious, I think so. And guess who it was?

It was my 4 year old, who decided to butcher her own hair. When I asked her “WHY Gabs??????”

Gabs:”Me don’t know. Something just got in my head and I did it!”

I must say I am a little bit afraid of what might come in her head next ( or off her head as the case may be). I’ve always said that she is my forgiveness baby. She NEVER asks for permission but spends a lot of time asking for  forgiveness. So, she started Thursday morning with loads of hair half way down her back and ended it with this!

The first (hair)cut is the deepest, childs first hair cut

I had to cut it this short in order to try and camouflage some of the damage she did. At least now, my baby doesn’t look like she has mange.

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