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Kayla Golden

Verna McClain

Verna McClain, Homicidal Nurse Steals Newborn and kills mommy, Throat Punch Thursday,Keegan Schuchardt, Kayla Golden, Verna McClain

Verna McClain You are a Monster

A homicidal nurse,Verna McClain, steals newborn and kills his mommy. Do I need to even say anything else? What is this world coming to? If you’ve not heard the story, here is what happened. A young mother, Kayla Golden, took her newborn son, Keegan Schuchardt for his 3 day old doctor visit. You know, three days after you just gave birth, when you are blissfully exhausted and enveloped in a fog of love and life is wonderful. You can barely walk but you don’t care because after 10 months of waiting to meet your beautiful little baby he is here in your arms.

Verna McClain, Verna McCLain steals Keegan Schuchardt and killing Kayla Golden

It’s a beautiful afternoon in Houston and life is amazing. Kayla Golden and her newborn son Keegan were outside the pediatrician’s office. A woman, Verna McClain, pulled up near her and then an argument ensues. The argument was because Kayla Golden was refusing to hand her baby over to the deranged nurse who was trying to abduct her newborn baby. Verna McClain is not taking no for an answer, she steals the newborn, shoots his mother 7 times, and then runs over Kayla Golden, leaving her to die in the street like roadkill.

Verna McClain

Verna McClain May You Never See the Light of Day Again

WTF? Why? Why would someone go to such lengths to get a baby? Ms. McClain, already the mother of three children, was engaged to a man whom she told she was having his baby. Apparently, Ms. McClain was pregnant but miscarried earlier this year. It must have a been a dire situation in which she felt that she had to produce a baby, at any means possible, in order for this man to still marry her.

This week my throat punch most definitely goes to Verna McClain the deranged homicidal nurse who thought it made more sense to rip a newborn baby from his mother’s arms and kill his mother rather than admit to her fiance that she had a miscarriage. I hope that Verna McClain is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that she is shown the same mercy in the courts that she has shown Kayla Golden and her family.

Verna McClain You are Despicable


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