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Negotiating Infidelity? Yeah, the negotiation is if you marry me…you are not allowed to have sex with other women. OK, is it just me? Or is this woman completely CRAZY! Maybe she was a man in a previous life? Hell, maybe she is a man! Most obviously, she is not married and not a woman’s advocate. Sounds to me like she was a whore, and now has written a book about being a WHORE, because she is a professional WHORE. She is in a non committed relationship where her self worth is so low that she allows her significant ( or apparently not so significant) other to sleep around..provided he’s not cuddling!WTF??????? She is trying to tell the rest of us that monogamy is not natural for men..again, is she a man in disguise? I really think someone should life her skirt to find out. She’s giving advice like she knows anything about being married. What authority does she have? What about children? What’s supposed to happen to them? Do we just all start mainstreaming open marriages. Look, if that’s what you, her, or anyone else is open to….that is certainly your business. But she is writing a book , giving this interview like she is the smart one ( an authority) who figured it out and us poor stupid housewives who expect our husbands to be faithful, well, obviously we are to be pitied because we are oblivious. How do you feel about this video? I personally, would like to kick Holly Hill in the teeth, then possibly cuddle with her partner and take a picture to send to her..just for good measure.

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Ms. Please Don’t Spoon her and Mr. Don’t Wear Nighties I bought for You when screwing other men

For the entire disgusting article, please go here! How this is CNN worthy, I will never know. Just another example of our society’s ever rapid descent into immorality.

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