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how to avoid a DUI

Revo alcomate, DUI, how to avoid a DUI, breathalyzer

Have you ever heard of Revo AlcoMate? Neither had I until I was recently sent one to review but now, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t have one. It’s a simple, easy way to keep ourselves safe this summer during all the fun and celebrations.

Summer is right around the corner. You can already feel the electricity in the air.  It happens every year, the weather warms up and the atmosphere is instantly charged. It’s like we can’t help ourselves; we need to celebrate the sunshine. We are happy for no reason and then we become our most primal selves. No wonder summer is also surging with accidents. A personal injury attorney can help you if got involved in such unfortunate accidents.

I love summer. I love being outside. I love barbeques with family. I love a frosty cocktail after a long afternoon of yard work or playing with the kids. I love the beach, the lake and the pool and exploring on new adventures in undiscovered places. I love late nights with friends around a campfire. I’ve been known to involuntarily dance and smile like a simpleton. I can’t even control it. Doesn’t everyone feel that way when the birds are singing, the world is blooming, the sky is blue and the sun is shining bright in the sky? Summer is the best.

There are a million different music festivals, fairs, and outdoor concerts. There’s baseball and fireworks and beach nights and do you know what comes with all of this? Alcohol. Maybe not for everyone but for a lot of us, summer celebrations go hand-in-hand with sitting on a deck somewhere enjoying a glass of wine, a frosty beer or sipping on an ice cold cocktail. There’s no shame in it. I think most of us learned in college that alcohol makes things a little more fun. Or maybe it makes us a little more relaxed so that we can enjoy our lives. Learn about DUI types here.

I don’t think most of us need it but a lot of us like it to be part of our summer ritual. We consume in moderation, or if you’re like me, almost nothing at all. Not because I have anything against alcohol, in fact, in college I was a big fan. Just ask anyone who knew me back then. They would be shocked to know I’m not a falling down drunk these days.

The thing is that once I got pregnant, I obviously didn’t drink. Then there was breastfeeding and then I became this responsible person, the one my mom said to always make sure that you’re wearing clean undies in case you were ever in an accident. Well, I wanted to have a clear mind in case my child ever needed me during the night or there was an emergency. There just didn’t seem like there was anything worth me not being mentally available and alert at all times; spoken from my high horse of 11 long years of parenthood.

Anyways, at this point, I’ve mostly just lost my taste for it. I do still want and have drinks on occasion but it always seems to be predicated on something else happening. For instance, I ‘ll have a drink once the kids go to sleep but by the time they go to bed, I’m too tired to pour my glass. But a few times a year, the Big Guy and I get an overnight baby sitter (grandma, I’m looking at you) and we head out on a date night and return to a kid-free home. On those nights, I have drinks because I can actually enjoy them.

This weekend will be one of those such occasions. The Big Guy and I will be heading to our local RockNBrew Fest! That’s my gift to him for our 17th wedding anniversary. He is a big craft beer fan so we’re going to a fest with 150 different beers to sample. He’s very excited and so am I, just to be out as an adult but we’re responsible so, tucked away discreetly in my purse will be the portable AlcoMate Revo breathalyzer. This way if the Big Guy consumes too many samples, we can check his blood alcohol level before ever getting behind the wheel and aside from keeping us safe from lateral force rollovers and out of jail, it could be saving someone else’s life. The technology behind the product makes it the most accurate of any commercial breathalyzer.

Revo alcomate, DUI, how to avoid a DUI, breathalyzer

This Revo AlcoMate really is ingenious.

I wish I would have had one in college, luckily I walked everywhere so I didn’t get into too much trouble, other than the occasional wipe out on the walk home. The AlcoMate Revo have replaceable sensors, which means they never have to be sent in to be replaced, can always be manually re-calibrated, have a longer lifespan and can be returned to day-one accuracy. The AlcoMate Revo is so reliable, in fact, that they’re the only breathalyzers trusted by the Marines and the Navy. I think these should be standard issue in every single car and maybe there should be a fail switch that if you don’t pass your breathalyzer, your car stops running?

Anyways, like my mom always says, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” So wouldn’t it make more sense that we have access to a Revo Alcomate because then we could all make the road’s safer by just taking an Uber or a cab instead of “hoping” we were sober enough to drive. We would know. But if you got involved in car accident because of another driver’s negligence or perhaps he’s DUI, social security attorneys are your greatest ally to get the compensation that you deserve when you get a heartbreaking injury.

My point is that I never even thought about owning my own breathalyzer before but the Revo Alcomate has proven to be invaluable when it comes to all the summer time outdoor parties and such. Simply do everything in moderation and always check your alcohol content before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle; its against the law and it’s dangerous. And if you’re the one that got hit by a drunk driver then contact this car accident attorney albuquerque to get legal help.

What do you think of the idea of owning a personal breathalyzer like Revo Alcomate?

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