The things that come out of her mouth

As we are playing on the swing set in our back yard, I am telling my girls they have 5 minutes left before we go in […]

No words necessary, it had to be said!LOL


Jammies, Ponies, and Yoga pants…Oh My!

What’s the love/hate relationship all moms have with yoga pants? Where does it come from? Earlier today I am getting ready to take my girls to […]

Hey,Look at that Fat Girl

Let me preface this by saying, I am so paranoid about my girls developing body issues that if you ask them ,”What are you?” Their standard […]

2 year old Selective Hearing Syndrome and other nuggets of wisdom

I have began to wonder why none, not one,of the parenting books mentions that around the age of 2 children develop selective hearing.Hearing only the things […]