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Fuller House

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One of the best parts of being a member of Netflix Stream Team is I got to binge watch Fuller House for “work.” Life has been crazy and hectic around here for the past few months. Who am I kidding? It’s been hectic for the past 3 or 4 years and with each passing year; it seems to get a little crazier. The quiet moments are getting fewer and further between and I’m not lovin’ it.


Saturday, after a morning full of ballet, despite having a million things that I needed to get done before leaving on my trip to Long Beach, California for my trip conference this week, I opted to stay in my pajamas, lie on the couch and soak in the goodness of my girls.


The Big Guy and I stopped (collaborated and listened) and watched Fuller House. We’ve been waiting for this since we first heard about Fuller House coming to Netflix. And I’ve got to be honest, it was pretty magical.


Of course the Big Guy and I loved all the throw back references to the Full House show we knew and loved. There was no shortage of How Rudes, You’ve Got it Dude, Have Mercys and group hugs. If you watched the show back in the day, you will love Fuller House.


Fuller House is in reference to DJ’s married named, Fuller. Her husband is recently deceased and her and her 3 young boys have moved into her childhood home with her dad. But in the first episode Danny, his wife, Becky, Jessie and Joey are all headed off to greener pastures, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


But life’s a little overwhelming when you are about to fly solo for the first time as a single mother to three young boys but luckily, just like her dad had Joey and Uncle Jessie, the Tanner’s come from good stock and Stephanie and Kimmy decide to move in with DJ and help her raise her boys. Good stock but bad luck when it comes to marriage, am I right?


Hey, Steve wouldn’t be rushing to become Mr. DJ Tanner-Fuller anytime soon. Oops, I’ve said too much already. It’s a lot of the same with a whole new twist and, at least my family thought, it was a great show for the entire family. It was good wholesome fun.


Growing up watching Full House, I always related to DJ because I was the oldest sister of 3 sisters. And now, I still relate to DJ as a middle age mom just trying to survive raising our babies with our sanity. You know what they say? It takes a village and lucky for the Fuller House, a village is exactly what they have on hand.


I won’t spoil any more of the show for you but if you liked Full House, you will love Fuller House. It will not disappoint and it’s a great show the entire family can enjoy without having to explain too much or constantly call fro earmuffs. All 13 episodes of this season are available now. Now, we’re all just sad we have to wait for the next season. I can’t wait!

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