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Christian Louboutin

Louboutin, Christian Louboutin

Louboutin; A Girl Can Dream

Louboutin, I heart you~Yes, I realize that I already posted these gorgeous Louboutin shoes in my If there were any such thing as a perfect day post but Ladies, these babies warrant a post of their own! They say everything in moderation but there is no way that this rule can apply when you are talking about Louboutin shoes or Prada Bags, right? OMG, I think I have a teenie tiny humongous crush on these Louboutins! I can just see me standing a towering 6″1 in these babies, looking like legs for days..probably twisting my ankle a few times but surely with a smile. I’m in the midst of brokering a deal with the Big Guy (my husband..not begging God for Louboutins..that would surely be wrong..right?) I’ve taken to using my favorite things as my screen saver. My husband walks in and subliminally is coaxed into buying me the absolute perfect gifts. Well, I thought it was working until he saw the Louboutins and asked me if I thought the Mac was a wishing window? To which he answered, it’s not unless you have planted a money tree in the back yard that I don’t know about. Damn Money tree, wish it would grow already! I’m thinking, in regards to my The only cure is ice cream post, these Louboutin heels may be the antidote to what ails me, and in the very least..they have got to be worth some weight loss inspiration, right?

Christian Louboutin….I heart you!

On the Louboutin website, Christian Louboutin is portrayed as a magician. Mr. Louboutin, won’t you do some magic and make your awesome shoes affordable enough for Mommies who have to put kids through college and feed and clothe babies? Maybe resistant to baby spit up? I don’t mind paying for quality but I can not justify not paying for parochial school so that I can sport these Louboutin Perdue Platforms. That would be wrong? Right? Hey Louboutin..I’m always game to do a review. Just saying. Not to sway you in any way Mr. Louboutin but I’m pretty sure that I could vacuum, do dishes and diaper in these Louboutin Perdue Platforms.What is your fantasy fashion piece? If you had a million dollars would you buy a pair of Louboutin heels or something else?

Louboutin, I think I Love You

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