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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Crest and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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In my family, nothing brings us closer than soccer. Shouting, “GOALLLL,” is a common explosion of joy in our house during soccer matches. We don’t care whose sitting next to us. It could mean a vuvuzela alarm or an unexpected kiss planted on a stranger’s forehead. So if you know you are going to be in that close proximity of a large crowd, freshness counts, in every way, especially your breath. Crest Complete + Scope allows you to get closer to people, providing you the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath. Because the further your team goes, the closer you get to those around you.

We’ve been watching the games and rooting for Mexico. There is a pride we feel because our father is from Mexico. I even bet online by going to 메리트카지노. It’s been a lot of fun because my brothers have been coming over my house and we’ve all been watching it together. Then we get off the phone and call our dad. He spends 7 months of the year in Mexico, so it’s a big deal to him. Soccer has definitely been a way for our father to bond with his children and my brothers to bond with my husband and me to bond with my nieces and nephews. It’s also been a great way for my husband to bond with our girls. It’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen to watch my girls get all excited and join in when their daddy is excited about his team winning.

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with children ( like animals) you are dealing with loose canons. The last thing you want is your 2 year old nephew telling you that your breath smells like hot garbage while you are gleefully shouting, “GOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL”. Talk about a buzz kill so I try to keep my teeth brushed and my breath fresh because it really is the best thing for everyone concerned. So, let’s all enjoy the next month of celebrating the small victories of the soccer matches, even if that includes broken vuvuzela apps and fresh minty breath.

If you want to be confident and have fresh breath while bonding with your family this summer try Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope Striped Toothpastes. They are the only toothpastes that combine the whitening power of Crest toothpaste with the freshening power of Scope mouthwash. They fight cavities, prevent tartar, and provide cleaning action to help remove surface stains.Most importantly, they give you the confidence to celebrate without worry that you might be less than fresh.

If you go here now you can find great coupons to help towards your purchase. I love saving money on products that I actually use, don’t you?

What brings your family closer together?

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Crest and Latina Bloggers Connect but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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