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What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Kid’s Behaving Badly?

Yesterday was the much anticipated parent/teacher meeting with the teacher who doesn’t pay attention about the bully situation. I was ready to lay into this teacher who […]
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What Happens When the Teacher Isn’t Paying Attention & Your Child Gets Hurt?

I don’t usually complain about my kid’s school. In fact, I mostly love their school. If you have children in a parochial school you already know this […]
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Sore Loser Dad Goes on “Bullying” Rampage Against Aledo Coach

Bullying is real and I hate it, probably more than most people but the word bullying is getting thrown around with no weight and it’s pissing […]
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Graduating Member of the Class of We Made It

A friend posted a link to Shane Koyczan’s To This Day Project video (above) about bullying. I don’t usually click on videos. I should have been […]