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According to the Concord Monitor of Concord New Hampshire,
On the short West Washington Street block where the police said a Concord High School freshman was bullied into getting a lewd tattoo on his buttocks, other students who took part said it takes “ink” and cigarettes to join their crew.
Their spot, nicknamed “Bell’s Street” after a family who once lived there, is where the police said a 14-year-old student was targeted because he was intellectually challenged and wanted to fit in.
One man, Blake VanNest, 18, promised the freshman that others would stop bullying him once he got “Poop D–k” tattooed across his buttocks.
VanNest arranged to have another friend, Ryan Fisk, 19, bring a tattoo gun, which had been used without a license on other students in the group. According to the police, at about noon on May 10, with others watching from metal folding chairs, VanNest and Fisk threatened the victim into kneeling against a weight bench, taking turns etching dark ink into his skin.
 While VanNest and Fisk are jailed on $35,000 bail, their friends, some of whom have also been charged in connection with the incident, returned late last week to their spot on West Washington Street. Moments after the final bell rang at Concord High, they gathered to smoke cigarettes and laugh about pictures of their friends in the newspaper.
Neighbors complain of fights, loud music, littering and aggressive teenagers who refuse to move out of the way for oncoming traffic. Some feel uncomfortable about giving their names or calling the police, for fear of being targeted themselves. The police said officers who patrol the area keep a special eye on West Washington Street, but it’s one of many areas of focus.


Seriously what the hell is going on? What kind of world do we live in where we can’t even send our kids to school safely. This 14 year old mentally challenged boy was completely taken advantage of. Where were the teachers? I mean, even the crazy teacher beating students asses in Houston was a defender of the mentally challenged. If that crazy bitch was in New Hampshire, this never would have happened. If he was mentally challenged, aren’t there supposed to be aids and care givers within the school to watch over him and keep him safe from such predators? He should not have been left to his own devices to fend for himself against the advances of these men. I am speechless. I may have to stop watching the news. These criminals have no remorse and don’t seem likely to stop this behavior any time soon. Even if they did., it seems there are several others to fall into position and take over their place. What does it say about our society that we raise our kids to treat other human beings like this? Have we lost all compassion and humanity? I hope to raise my daughters to be more caring and empathetic of others; to aid and protect the weak not to prey on them.Absolutely despicable! I am outraged and embarrassed for these perpetrators.

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