Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I borrowed this video from Juliana @ A Blonde walks into a Blog. Here’s me being hopefully optimistic and spreading the message with a little sunshine […]

Throat Punch Thursday; Taking it up the rear edition

Disclaimer: Dear readers if anyone is easily offended, faint of heart, or just doesn’t like opinionated, foul language laced, bad behavior please step away from this […]
Bp, gulf of Mexico, Oil Spill, Barack Obama

President Barack Obama Says its Ok to Eat Seafood after the Oil Spill

I don’t believe everything people tell me, even if it’s President Barack Obama telling me to eat seafood from a gulf where we’re still cleaning oil […]

Throat Punch Thursday; Slippery when wet edition

Well, I think we all know who deserves this weeks throat punch roundhouse kick to the head! Any takers? How about the asshole who has been […]