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Ella, on the day you were born, I giggled uncontrollably. So many emotions flooded my mind that all I could do was laugh and weep, tears of joy. I fell in love with you the moment I looked into those deep blue eyes. You looked into my soul and changed me forever.You will always be my love and my heart. With every moment that I am given to be your Mommy, my love for you grows deeper and I can’t even remember my life before you. It was as if I never even existed. As you grow more independent, I can feel you pulling slowly away even at your young age. I promise to always give you room to blossom and grow but to be there to lift you up when you fall. And know this, you will ALWAYS be my baby. You may be outgrowing my lap but never will you outgrow my love.

Abs, on the day you were born, I couldn’t stop smiling. It started off a little rocky; we had to have a back up video camera special delivered into the hospital room to capture your birth. You didn’t want to come out, so we had to have a little help in the form of the Texas roll and a nurse laying on my stomach to help push you out.But when you came into this world with your eyes open wide and bright, taking in the entire world in one fail swoop, I knew you were my joy and my smile.Every single day since, you have grown my heart with love and filled my life with joy. Your smile melts me. You are also so obstinate and independent that you break my heart and scare me to death on a daily basis with your constant shenanigans. You will always be my little hell on wheels in pink taffeta and a helmet. At the same time, you are the light of my life and without you and your sister, I could not exist. You are my oxygen; my reason, my life!

All my Love for all of my Life,
Mommy XOXO

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This is my beautiful daughter who is about to be 5 years old on the 10th of March. We just had her 5th birthday party on Saturday, with all of our friends and family. Her theme, completely of her own choice, Moulin Rouge. Yes, that is right, my 4 year old chose for her theme….Moulin Rouge. The entire party was done in pink and black , complete with pink and black cake…made by Daddy, as he does very year. The Pink Diamond costume was made by Grandma and Bella was tickled pink, pardon the pun.  It’s amazing how easy it is to make children happy. I love her smile and will do absolutely anything in the world to see it. All was moving swimmingly until she was opening gifts, such an innocuous thing. I was taking photos and  it was like she was literally growing up before my eyes. All I kept thinking was, hold on a minute….slow down, wasn’t it just last year when you were eating cake for the first time on your first birthday? Then she’d say something so grown up like, “Oh my gosh, thank you all so much. I wasn’t expecting so many gifts!” Then, she got to the gift from us. She squealed with delight and then…. she opened the card. I had purposely gotten her a musical card, her and her little sister are simply over the moon for those cards.This it what it said; “Imagine a perfect day, where happiness and love feel as bright and warm as the summer sun and all the dreams in your heart come true…and you’ll know what its like to spend a day loving you!” Obviously, I know the card was meant for a couple but the sentiment was so perfect. She opened it and it played “It’s a wonderful world” and I about lost it. I was all in hysterics (on the inside). I was holding back tears and biting my lip, while snapping photos. When all I really wanted to do was go over and give her a big ole snuggle and keep her in that moment…forever. She was so happy and over joyed in that moment.She thought it was awesome and was thrilled that I had gotten her a card that made music,never mind what the card said. NO, the contents of what that card said and the message I wrote in it will all mean something much more important to her in 20 years or so.There is nothing so magical in the world as seeing your child genuinely happy and smiling their “real” smile. Her actual birthday is Wednesday and we will be celebrating Bellapalooza in style, as we always do. It is one of the most important days of my life and I think it should be celebrated and commemorated. I feel like it is my birthday too, as it is the day I became a Mommy.It is the day I was born a Mommy! In that moment when I first held her, I was transformed and changed forever. Happy Birthday , my beautiful amazing princess!

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