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My girls blow my mind on a daily basis. They’re 7 and 9-years-old and it sort of feels like I’m succeeding at this whole mom thing on most days because for the most part, they are happy, healthy, thriving and growing.

My 7-year-old truly embraces the idea that she can be and do anything and my 9-year-old carries herself through the world in a way that lets me know that she can. She’s a ballerina, wrapped in a scientist, wrapped in a cheerleader. She never second-guesses who she is or what she does. She never questions her body. It’s a vehicle. She doesn’t question whether she is smart, beautiful or deserving…she just is. I love that she never questions that because, like most women, I always have about myself.

I look at my girls and I know that possibilities are limitless. There are no boundaries to how far they can fly. My girls don’t limit themselves to what other people expect of them. I love that.

They love to play with dolls, as most little girls their age do but they also love to build things. There is a sense of accomplishment that they take in creating something from nothing.

I found a great toy this year from a local toy store for my girls. The Build ’n Play Fab Mansion by Mega Bloks Barbie™ by Mega Bloks Barbie allows my girls to be the designer. Snappy modular rooms make it easy for your little girl to build and decorate the perfect mansion for their Barbie and Skipper mini fashion figures.

It allows your little girl not only to design their dream house and arrange the rooms any way they want but build the bed with a beautiful canopy, put the big screen in just the right spot and set up the perfect vanity for lots of fashion fun! When they’re done building and arranging the mansion, Barbie and Skipper can relax under the big umbrella on the patio, take a bubbly bath, or kick back for a super fun movie party. It has five interchangeable rooms to build and rebuild the most fabulous mansion and is easily combinable with other Mega Bloks Barbie playsets to build an entire Barbie world.

If the little girl in your life, loves Barbies and/or constructing buildings or just designing spaces, she will love the Build’n Play Mansion by Mega Bloks Barbie.

What is your daughter’s must have gift this holiday season?

I’m giving away one Mega Bloks  Build’n Play Mansion. Contest is open to U.S. citizens. Giveaway ends  December 7, 2014 at midnight.


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Disclosure: I was provided the Build ’n Play Fab Mansion by Mega Bloks Barbie™ for review purposes but all opinions are my own.Megabloks, barbie, giveaway

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