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Racially Motivated Kidnapping and Torture of Mentally Disabled Man in Chicago

January 5th, 2017|

Earlier this week in Chicago, four 18-year-old African Americans abducted, beat and tortured a Caucasian mentally disabled man. While one perpetrator,  Brittany Herring,  Facebook lived the entire thing her boyfriend, Jaenone Eblock, tortured the victim.Talk about being Throat [...]

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Welcome! My name is Deborah Cruz. I am a Latina, blogger, freelance writer and social media brand developer from Chicago. I specialize in social media, wildfire amplification. My husband and I are teaching our girls to embrace life through travel, culture and food. We love our tech, staying healthy and DIY projects around the house. This blog used to be called The TRUTH about Motherhood but now it’s just The TRUTH because honesty is always better than sugarcoated bullsh*t, whether it’a about motherhood or anything else.