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[fusion_person name=”Deboarh Cruz” picture=”” title=”Content Creator” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” google=””]Welcome! My name is Deborah Cruz. I am a Latina, blogger, freelance writer and social media brand developer from Chicago. I specialize in social media, wildfire amplification. My husband and I are teaching our girls to embrace life through travel, culture and food. We love our tech, staying healthy and DIY projects around the house. This blog used to be called The TRUTH about Motherhood but now it’s just The TRUTH because honesty is always better than sugarcoated bullshit, whether it’a about motherhood or anything else.[/fusion_person]

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[fusion_toggle title=”Accomplishments” open=”yes”]Listed Top 37 Latina Blogs to Watch in 2014 by Latina Magazine

Listed on Babble’s Top 100 Bloggers 2013 , Readers Choice for top 10 Latina Bloggers

Listed by Sheknows as One of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Blogs 2011

Nominated for a Shorty in Humor in 2011[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”Press” open=”no”]Interviewed by the Columbia Review

Interviewed by 20/20[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”Publications” open=”no”]MamaLode “Mommy, I want another baby”

No Laughing Allowed Anthology Life Well Blogged
“Perimenopause-Gangman Style” 2012

Been There Done That Pregnancy Anthology

The Moment I became a Mother, Coming January 2015[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”Off topic Favorite Things to do” open=”no”] I love to travel the world with my family, immersing ourselves in local culture. Random dance parties at the most inappropriate times are one of my favorite pastimes. Experimenting with cooking and eating new cuisines really satisfies the foodie in me. I love flying, the higher the better and attending various concerts, the ballet and other artistic productions. When I have down time, I love to spend the day watching 80’s movies in my pajamas with my family, while playing with new tech toys. But my favorite, indulgence is driving fast and singing loudly to dance music and photographing my children to make hardcopies of our memories.[/fusion_toggle]

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