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Throat Punch Thursday~Bei Bei Shuai Rat Poison Feticide edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~BeiBei Shuai Feticide Edition,state of Indiana,pregnancy,rat poison,crime,suicide,murder chargeThroat Punch Thursday~Bei Bei Shuai Rat Poison Feticide edition

This week, unfortunately, I did not have to turn to CNN for a Throat Punch Thursday’s recipient, Bei Bei Shuai. No, all I had to do was turn on my local news. I generally hate when that happens. It can never be a good sign when someone that close to home does something so equally stupid and heinous. Without further ado, I give you Bei Bei Shuai. Have you heard of Bei Bei? I’m sure that many of you have already heard of her. He story takes place back in March, how she has escaped receiving a Throat Punch this far is beyond me.

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman who tried to commit suicide by eating rat poison near the end of her pregnancy was charged with murder in the death of her baby.

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Bei Bei Shuai,pregnancy, murder charge, suicide, premature baby, marion county, Indianapolis

AP Photo

Bei Bei Shuai, 34, was arrested Monday and appeared in court Wednesday on charges of knowingly killing a viable fetus and attempted feticide, prosecutors said. The court entered an automatic plea of not guilty for Shuai, who is in custody. She was dumped by her piece of work boyfriend and went off the deep end. I don’t think she was trying to kill the baby as much as kil herself and the baby was collateral damage. Either way, pretty messed up situation.

Shuai consumed rat poison while 33 weeks pregnant, prosecutors said. On December 23, she was taken to a hospital where she admitted to taking rat poison in an attempt to kill herself after her boyfriend left her, according to a police statement.Apparently, her piece of shit boyfriend broke the news to her at 33 weeks that he couldn’t marry her because he was already married. I do understand her disappointment, dismay and even her full on freak out but ingesting rat poisoning is crazy. Sure it’s depressing to see that your entire future was based on a lie and it’s never going to come to fruition.Having a mental breakdown, even contemplating homicide all make more sense to me than going to Home Depot and buying a bag of rat poisoning and then proceeding to eat it.

Bei Bei Shuai Rat Poison Feticide edition

Shuai’s baby girl, Angel Shuai, was born alive on December 31. On January 3, the baby died after being taken off life support. An autopsy determined that the cause of death was her mother’s ingestion of the poison, police said. You see why she deserves a Throat Punch?

Shuai, is the co-owner of a small Indianapolis restaurant, is from China and has no family members in the United States, according to her lawyer, Linda Pence. Pence called the prosecution “mean-spirited” and “horrible” and wants to have the charges dismissed. Oh, they are mean because they are calling her a killer? Well, actually, isn’t that what she is?

bei bei shuai

“This young woman is truly one of the kindest, most gentle people I’ve ever met,” said Pence. Pence said Shuai’s boyfriend had promised to marry her and help raise the child, and then dumped her, leaving her crying on her knees in a parking lot. Shuai was near a hardware store, so she bought the poison to kill herself. Agreed her boyfriend is a piece of work but she’s the one who made the choice to eat rat poison.Even if she didn’t intentionally kill the baby, she tried to kill herself and didn’t care what came of the baby. Either way, at the very least, she was careless and reckless.

Pence said Shuai had been happy about the baby, and had bought baby clothes. The baby died in her arms after she had rocked it “for hours and hours,” Pence said.

Pence said there is a common law immunity for pregnant women who attempt to harm themselves — or else prosecutors could charge any woman who drank or took drugs. Pence said the law against killing fetuses is meant to target third parties — as in the case of a robber who shoots a pregnant woman. I’m not sure that I want the government to go down this slippery slope but I do know that she needs to be held accountable.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris,bei bei shuai

So, this week the Throat Punch goes to the crazy lady having the mental breakdown over a man whose first thought was “hmm, I think I’ll go eat some rat poison”. You, my dear, need a Throat Punch to dislodge your head out of your ass. I am sorry your boyfriend turned out to be a douche but killing yourself and your baby earns you a punch, Bei Bei Shuai.


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Carri 2011/06/23 - 11:39 pm

That is so so so sad. 🙁 But, yes… I agree. She murdered a human.

Truthful Mommy 2011/06/23 - 11:46 pm

Even reckless endangerment with a side of manslaughter but she has to be held accountable in some way. I feel sorry for her but really who let’s a man make them want to end their life because he won;t be with them. I sy she’s lucky she found out what a piece of crap he was now. I hope they are getting her some mental help wherever she ends up.

Nicole 2011/06/24 - 12:05 am

Definitely worthy of the Thursday Throat Punch!

Alison@Mama Wants This 2011/06/24 - 11:17 am

That is so tragic. I cannot understand women who do shit like that over a man. She totally should be held accountable. Good Throat Punch.

Jenni Chiu 2011/06/24 - 12:07 pm

Perhaps she is chemically unbalanced… many pregnant women can slip into a deep dpression. I think she may need some psychotherapy, drugs, and then… well, okay a throat punch or two.

Greta @gfunkified 2011/06/24 - 12:08 pm

Ugh. Why is it always because of a man? She should have gone back to China to be with her family and raise her baby there or something. Obviously, I don’t know her circumstances, but geez. So sad.

A Mommy in the City 2011/06/24 - 3:20 pm

This is such a sad story. I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs!


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